Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visitor from sing-ka-por

James's good friend, Vincent came down from Sg for the weekend and stayed with us. It's always nice to have visitors every now and then... breaks the monotous routine in the home, good lah for a change every now and then :)

We took him out to makan, and of cos shop! For them, shopping here is like heaven... can literally shop like kings and queens... Well, let's see what we did ;)

We had a lovely meal at Dragon-i, ordered several dishes which we never did before.. that is why it's nice to have someone diff around, they will order things that we never think of ordering! It turned out delish!!!

Daddy and Jayden, Vincent enjoying his meal :)

A gift Uncle Vincent got for Jayden... now Jayden can be a backseat driver! :) It has horns, signal lights etc, cute.

One for the album... say cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!

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MeRy said...

Nice meal & nice pressie for Jayden.

Mummy Gwen said...'s good to have visitors. :D I've never tried the dishes you guys had at Dragon-I. Gave me some idea what to order nest time..hehe. :P

The toy steering wheel is so cool. Your Hub's friend is so thoughtful. :)

Rachel said...

That looks like a really wonderful spread. U and your hb are so hospitable...

Kristie said...

thanks mery!

mummygwen, yes we tend to order the same favourite dishes everytime we go to a resto, maybe u should try taking risks too! hehhe :)

rachel... thanks... they dont come by so often, and it is nice to have company every now and then!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Woww, the gift is so cool!

Kristie said...

thanks joanne, now the gift is slightly broken already hehe... u know how kids lah!