Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meds to the Rescue...........

Jayden has been feeling under the weather recently. First, it was diarrhoea... didn't know what was the cause, it could be 1001 factors... maybe he touched something and then put it into his mouth, or ate something which his tummy didn't agree with... anyway... it isn't a good thing. I cut off dairy entirely and even stopped his normal formula... switched to soy milk till it cleared up. This isn't the first time and we knew what to do this time, so we didn't bring him to see the paed.

Anyway, we went to the pharmacy to get some stuffs and I asked the pharmacist casually what meds would be good for a toddler having diarrhoea. The pharmacist recommended that Jayden take some pre & probiotics which will help to build up the good bacteria in his system. I have heard of this before but never tried it. So I bought a pack to try it on Jayden, it'll be good to strengthen his immune system and replace the good bacteria that was loss.

And after he had his diarrhoea, he came down with runny nose... aiyoh one after another! As of now, he still has runny nose, but it is getting better. When I first noticed it, I didn't give him any meds as I ran out of flu med in the fridge. So I thought maybe it will be good to let it be for 1-2 days to see how it goes. After 2 days, still runny nose and the occasional sneezing. Therefore, I also asked the pharmacist on the same day for any remedies for runny nose and she recommended Actifed, which Jayden is used to taking for flu. I told her that actually I waited for a while before giving him any med, cos I didn't want Jayden to be too reliant on medication and try to build up his immune system. But the pharmacist told me, better take med cos at least he can rest well after taking med. Especially at night when his nose is blocked, he doesn't sleep well, and thus, making it hard to recover when his body doesn't fully rest and have time to recuperate well.

Anyway, just sharing my thoughts here, I am sure many of you out there are battling these same challenges one day or another :)

Hope Jayden gets well soon, my sunshine boy!

Muaks, love u very much darling.

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MeRy said...

Hope Jayden wil get well soon....!!

mommy to chumsy said...

get well soon jayden :) ashley is also taking the same probiotics but i only give her after a bout of antibiotics or when she complains tummy ache :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Hope Jayden recover soon. Poor boy.

Gwen's Paed suggested the liquid type of probiotics from Bio Life. Gwen is older now, usually I just let her recover from flu without medication.

Kristie said...

thanks everyone :)

Barbara, yeah I will keep the extra packets for just in case situations! Thanks!

mummygwen, thanks dear, he is much better now. Oh there is a liquid one ya? Didn't know :)

Rachel said...

Hope Jayden gets well soon. Have u tried preventive methods? Like Echinacea, vitamin C and ginger. So far that works well for Kyle as well as all the adults in the family, helps build up our immunity.

Kristie said...

rachel, i give jayden cod liver oil daily.