Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun-filled Sunday

Still remember when I last visited Joni for her babyshower party? Well, she has delivered to a beautiful baby girl just last week! :) We all flocked to her house the minute she was discharged from the hospital hehe... Her baby girl is so gorgeous!!! They named her Jadeyn Anastasia Mannath, lovely name for a lovely princess! Initially, they liked the name Jayden so much and was gonna name their child Jayden if they were having a boy. When they knew they were having a girl, they decided to create a more feminine version of the name Jayden, and it turns out to be Jadeyn! haha... is it a bit of a eye bloggling thing for u... it is just switching around of the letters ;) Jadeyn was so tiny compared to Jayden when he was born, carrying her was as light as a feather! I am so happy for u Joni & Noveen ;) xoxo!

Jadeyn Anastasia Mannath, so pretty huh :)

Uni mates, Joni (new mummy), myself, Christa & Angie

After the visit to see Jadeyn, we decided to visit IOI mall since I've never checked out its new wing yet. I must say the new wing is really nice! Very clean, spacious and most importantly, it has many of my fav shops! Now I know why mummygwen is always there haha!

Bought a swimming trunk for Jayden and loots from Daiso! Literally went crazy in there... a pity I went close to closing time...

Bought a new sippy cup with hard spout for Jayden to try. Bought a basic one to try out. I like this design, not fancy but easy to use and clean. Verdict- Jayden likes it! :)

After walking around the mall, Jayden fell asleep, so we quickly decided to fill up our tummies. Good to eat without disturbance hehe! We had Sakae Sushi, ate ate ate till we dropped!

We got a ang pow from them upon payment at the counter, it's a RM10 voucher in there! Looks like we'll be heading to Sakae Sushi for more Jap food soon! ;)

8 friends spoke up!:

2ma said...

jayden looks cute with his smiley face!

MeRy said...

Nice pics..Angpow packet is so xtra piece or not,Kristie??
I m collecting angpow packet from bank & company.

agnes said...

Yea~ so many things inside Daiso rite, but gonna be smart in choosing the items since not everything worth RM5 I think.

How come I didn't get ang pao from Sakae Sushi when we dined there in Subang Parade for the past 2 weeks?? Only IOI having the promo?? Hmm~~

Kristie said...

thanks 2ma!

mery, i only have one, it's given when u dine @ sakae sushi :) the voucher closes and it looks like ang pow, all in 1 pc :)

agnes, I guess they just started this promo :) cos the voucher states that it is valid at all outlets!

Merryn said...

Alamax.. it's been ages since I last stepped foot in IOI!!!!

Kristie said...

merryn, u should go :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh haven't been to the new wing yet huh. Haha..yes I always target certain shops there. :D But going there too often kinda bored for me..hehe.

Kristie said...

ya mummygwen, IOI really has many of my fav shops... at least u get to interchange btw ioi mall and pyramid! :)