Friday, January 15, 2010

FOC Skechers for Jayden!

Sometime last year in Dec (actually last month lah hehehe), my sister informed me that she has a Skechers voucher worth RM200 and she has no use for it, and asked me if I wanted it. When I browsed the Skechers site and found that there were footwear for kids, I told her ok, I will take it! I searched for branches near my place and found one in Sunway Pyramid, thank God :)

I called up the branch to double check if they do have footwear for kids there and they said yes. So that evening, we went right to the branch and searched for a suitable pair of shoes for Jayden :) Oh by the way, when I received the voucher, it was expiring on that same day. So by hook or by crook, we had to get to a branch that day! If it was just a discount voucher, I wouldn't give 2 hoots abt it, but because it was a cash voucher, and furthermore RM200, I had to use it for something!

When we were there, Jayden was busy trying on several pairs of shoes and it was so nice shopping there knowing you won't have to fork out a single cent! hahaha cheapskate...............

And you know how boys their age are... cannot sit still one... we spent some time there just trying out different shoes and of cos persuading Jayden to sit still instead of walking around and touching all the shoes on the racks hheheh. We were thinking if worse come to worse, still cannot find something suitable for Jayden, we will use it for my hubby. There are nice footwear for men there too.

Ok, so finally, we settled for this pair of shoes! We bought it slightly bigger so it can be worn in the next few mths since he has enough shoes for now.

This pair costs RM158 and it is something too extravagant for us to purchase without any vouchers! We never believe in splurging such expensive stuffs on kids. Firstly, they grow too fast, secondly, they don't even know what shoes they are wearing and won't know how to appreciate, and thirdly, we don't want to spoil him!!! :)

We got some extra clips, or what u call them, those little rubber things that u can clip onto ur crocs shoes. So total amount came up to RM198! We were so happy with our 'purchase' and happily went home soonafter. Overall, it was worth it to make the trip to pyramid just for this, we got a good 'buy', can't wait for Jayden to wear these ;)

Such bargains don't come by everyday and I am glad that my sis managed to 'salvage' the voucher in time and gave it to us! Xoxo!

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Merryn said...

NICE! In time for CNY too :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Very nice ler! Good taste. :) Always wanted to buy a pair of Skechers for GWen but too expensive lah...hehe.

My Honey Bee said...

hey Kris, Nice!! :)
recently i just got 2 pairs of Nike for Oscar CNY shoes too... i expect this 2 pairs shoes use for 2 yrs .. hope so! :)
Kris, you won't regret de... that is very important if our precious one go with a comfortable shoes, thus if outstanding then it will be best!! :)
Sure Jayden love it & share with us when he wear it ya!

Julie said...

The shoe is nice but yeah, quite pricy for a kiddo shoe. Anyway, as long as you like it, just take! :)

mommy to chumsy said...

very nice!! i like sketchers too but it's so darn expensive here. my MIL bought a pair for ashley when she returns from toronto and guess what? it cost only Can$20!!

gaiki said...

The shoe is extremely nice! Don't forget to post a photo of Jayden wearing it!

Mummy Moon said...

Lucky got the cash voucher. Nice Skechers shoes for jayden! Yes, this is a very expensive brand, no worth to buy for kiddo as they outgrow very fast. Unless it can hand down to others sibling.

Kristie said...

mummygwen, ya very expensive for toddler shoes. If not for the voucher, I wouldn't have got it for Jayden.

angel, u really pamper oscar a lot, his little pair of feet is so lucky hhahaha!

julie, if not for the voucher, I wouldn't buy, too expensive!

barb, ya ridiculously priced ya...

agree with u mummymoon :)