Monday, December 28, 2009

Joni's X'mas cum Baby Shower Party!

Last week, we went to a good friend's party at her cosy home. It was a baby shower party for her girl due in mid-Jan (I'm so excited for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and later in the evening a x'mas party with carolling and lovely food (roast turkey was awesome!)

It's nice to see Joni & Angie after such a long time, we were studying together in uni. So happy that she's going to get a baby girl.... awww.... really got pinky and purply clothes for her baby girl... heheh girly stuffs.

It was such a lovely gathering, her family is really nice and hospitable. Joni, ur parents are really so happy-go-lucky and cheerful! Thanks for inviting us! Jayden had a blast too!

Jayden meeting another Jayden :)
Photo taken with Angie & Joni

I asked Jayden 'where is the ball?' and he pointed at Joni's tummy heheh! We all roared with laughter... kids kids... they are just so pure and naive and adorable!

Lovely x'mas deco around the house

Good friends since uni days :)

Yummy food!
I find the snowman drinks dispenser so cute!!!!

4 friends spoke up!:

eugene said...

when i looked at those pictures of yours,one thing that warmed me is this,,, i like celebration with friends of other races,,,,

hey take care now and have a good week ahead

Cath J said...

Very nice party you all have.. ^_^

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...great party. :) Agree..the snowman drinks dispenser is really cute. So much food!!! YOu girls look fabulous.

Kristie said...

eugene, yes it is good to have friends from all races :)

thanks mummygwen.