Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 16 mths old my boy!

Our precious boy turns 16 mths today!!! Lazy me have not been updating his developments... gosh everything is happening so quickly! Just would like to note that Jayden has grown to be a very friendly, affectionate and loving boy :) He's so adorable............... :)

Quickie updates:

-Weight @ 11.5kg, height can't remember :p

-Midst of learning ABCs, harder than I thought hehe...

-Loves noodles! He loves to slurp them up into his mouth, so I will try not to cut it so short :)

-Understands simple instructions, i.e. Go take his water bottle when he is thirsty

-Helps me with simple household chores, i.e. putting clothes into the laundry basket

-Gets angry when we are too slow in feeding him, especially when he's hungry!

-Loves to go kai kai.... goes wild when we are outside now... can't sit long in stroller, wants to walk around instead. If we put him back in the stroller, he will protest and scream and cry... hope this is a phase...

-Recognises frequent places that we go to, shopping malls, restaurants etc.

-Recognises a particular billboard along the road we always drive by, billboard with pictures of kids... he will point and say 'wooo!'

-Loves to go hug other kids which he likes, of cos sometimes the other kid gets scared instead! haha

-Closes the safety gate once we come downstairs.

-Very busy 'helping' me with stuffs, I always try to give him things to help out, it makes him feel more useful and he's very proud once the task is completed :)

-Very close to Daddy... whenever daddy comes home in the evenings, he will drop whatever he is doing and rush to the door and keep pointing outisde, so cute :)

-Loves to give us kisses and hugs... nowadays he likes to kiss my cheeks and lips to wake me up heheh...

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agnes said...

long time din drop by.. jayden boy is so big & smart now..

happy 16 mths old!!

Rachel said...

Happy 16 months Jayden! As for the part about not sitting long in stroller...it will be like that for a while till he gets 2 plus. For Kyle, he was like Jayden when he was at his age...nowdays getting a little lazy when we go out so want to sit in stroller mos of the time :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 16 Months Old, Jayden! Reading his development milestones make me smile coz he is so cute and sweet. Very adorable. :) He is growing up very well.

UmmiRosma said...

Happy 16-months bday darling....He is having a very good progress.

slavemom said...

Happy 16 mths old to Jayden! Must be so nice to be woken up with kisses. ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Woww...Jayden is learning ABC now?

For me, I also think it is not easy to teach Sarah Sarah ABC. She showed less interest to it.

Kristie said...

thanks agnes, how is ur jayden boy? :) and of cos chloe darling? :)

rachel, i really hope it's a phase... jayden really goes wild outside!!!! beyond control and reasoning...

ya mummygwen, i am also smiling as i type this post :) thanks!

thanks ummirosma

slavemom, OH YES!

Joanne, ya just teach him simple ones... of cos he dont know most alphabets yet... just familiarising with it... he seems to like numbers though :) How do u teach Sarah ABC and 123?