Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to Blogger-ing!

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I've recently changed my laptop to a new pc. The new desktop is sitting proudly on the exact spot where my old laptop used to reside. I am so happy with this pc, personally tailored by James, with exactly what I wanted... He selected the specs and put together this pc for us. Thank God he's an IT man!

My requests:

-big screen

-fast enough to open many applications at one time

I think James had enough of my complaints lah... heheheh cos everytime when I used the old laptop, I'm bound to curse and swear whenever the browser hangs or how I simply cannot open too many browsers at a time, otherwise the whole computer will just slow down............ speed deceleration.... cannot tahan!!!! Worse still, I am very very impatient :p

I am very very pleased with this new desktop :) Huge screen, very very fast CPU, HUGE hard disk, I can open so many facebook applications at one time (I could only open one at a time before), nice sound system with built in speakers at the monitor.

Now it's James'a major task to transfer all the date from the lappie to this new pc... huge task cos huge amount of data heheh... most importantly- Jayden's photos! :)

Oh yes, and back to the subject. Because I can now open many many browsers, I can blog hop again!!!! I've been slow on blogging and even neglected blog hopping for a while... Yes, all because my laptop takes forever if I open a few blogs at a time... but now, no probs!!!

So, you'll see me more at ur blogs commenting and more posts on my blog! :)

Tata for now, xoxo!

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Mummy Gwen said...

Welcome back to Blogger-ing..hehe. :D PC...NICE.

the little prince said...

Welcome back!!

So lucky that you have an IT man in the house!!

Hm..I think I should start nagging my hubby to change new laptop for me too..I do have the same problem as you!! :-)

Cath J said...

Hahahha... nothing can beat a PC la.. ^_^

Kristie said...

thanks mummygwen...

ya yugene, really thank God for James :) hahahha wish u luck in 'nagging' ya hehhehe

Rachel said...

Good to see u back at blogging more often. Welcome back :)

UmmiRosma said...

You are so lucky having someone knows about IT at home....*winks*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

IT is very important nowadays and glad that James is an IT man. Hehe.

Kristie said...

thanks rachel

ya ummirosma, indeed very lucky!

joanne, exactly! ur hubby is the IT man at home ya? :)