Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jayden @ 11 mths 2 wks

Jayden @ 11mths 2 wks

Weight: 9.89kg (measured in May) so now should be over 10kg
Height: 73.5cm (also measured in May) he seems to have grown taller!


*naps once a day, around 2 hrs (try to avoid napping in the evenings unless he's really tired)

*normally sleeps around 10.30-11pm, but sometimes pushes up to 12 am.... arrrggghhh....


*total 7 teeth: 4 top, 3 bottom!


*loves to crawl

*can stand unsupported for a long time

*holds things and walk with support

*loves to climb staircase

*loves to eat (must have got it from us foodlovers haha)

*when we are eating something, he will come near us and look at us and he will move his mouth and tongue... hehe

*fav people: my mum, my sis, james and of cos me lah

*loves music and dancing

*whenever I sing his favourite songs, he will shake his head sideways

*grinds his teeth (so annoying!)

*very aware of his surroundings now, knows where is home, where is shopping centre etc

*loves kai kai, when we say go kai kai, he will perk up immediately and want us to carry him!

*follows simple instructions such as:

-clap your hands
-pats his chest when we say, Where's Jayden?

*looks up to the sky and say OH when an aeroplane flies above our home

*doesn't like to stay in his playpen :(

*bites all his books.... he is really a rat! Born in the year of the rat... Have to keep them away for the time being

*loves to pong pong, can spend a long time playing with his toys, splashing water

*doesn't like his teeth being brushed

*tries to get our attention by smiling non stop, like when we are talking, watching tv...

*loves to throw things, pick up and throw... and again....

*loves his playroom, he can crawl freely without restrictions, play with his toys

*knows how to edge himself towards the edge of the sofa, and slide himself down to the floor

*loves the music player, will go there and randomly press buttons till the cd plays some music :) He will then turn around and look at us very pleased!

*can suck from a straw

*likes to sayang other babies/kids around his size, will give them a hug too!

*holds his milk bottle on his own

*expresses his likes/dislikes and delights/frustrations



And since Jayden is turning 1 soon, I think I should jot down the most unforgettable moments for the past 12 mths for both James & I:

not in any particular order :) ............

~How he was so puffy and red when I first saw him at the delivery table, and when I held him for the first time in the room, I couldn't believe he was mine!!! It was a weird, totally surreal feeling.

~When Jayden was taken out of the OT after coming out fresh from the oven, my family members & James were eagerly waiting outside, they all swarmed around him and kept calling his name, but when James called out his name, Jayden struggled to open his eyes, only Daddy's voice was familiar to him :) Up to now, James can never forget that very 1st moment of interaction with his son! He has one word for that- mesmerizing.

~I missed the times when he was kicking/punching/swimming inside my tummy!

~Not forgetting the great baby shower party we had for Jayden... many of our friends and relatives have never heard of this and never been to one, some even thought Jayden was already born! haha...

~Love the eye contact moments when Jayden looks right through my eyes, it didn't require any verbal communication, but I could see & feel the love he had for me :) and I hope he could see my love for him too!

~I love reminiscing the times when I breastfed Jayden, amidst the difficulties and challenges I faced, I feel a sense of warmth and love when I remembered the times when only I can provide his food and how he was so dependent on me!

~Can't remember how many times Jayden fell off the bed.... I know bad mummy :(((( The very first time when he fell, out hearts dropped!

~When he first smiled at us @ around 6 wks, we were so eagerly waiting for that!!!

~I cut his nails and I accidentally cut his skin once :( I had a phobia of cutting his fingernails for a long time, Daddy handled the job, now I'm ok :)

~How he is always ready with a smile for us, even after getting scolded by me! His smile always melts my heart! I will then feel really bad for scolding him, smart lil' fella!

~I had to remove so many of his clothing from his cupboard that were just too tight, cos he was growing so fast! I sort of regretted buying so much clothing in the beginning hehe... but of cos I won't resist the occasional bargains :)

~I love to cook his meals for him and let him try his new things, so far he is game for most stuffs! I'm very pleased when he enjoys his meals as I know his body has absorbed all the good nutrients from all the food groups!

~Was super excited when his 1st tooth erupted, loved his toothy smile! :)

~How I forgot that I was entitiled to celebrate Mother's Day this year haha, I am sure I won't forget the upcoming ones! And of cos James's 1st Father's Day!

~Jayden's 1st experience on semi-solids was really memorable! I remembered how I couldn't wait till he turned 6 mths old before he could take solids. Made fruit/vege purees for him and he loved it! Then introduced cereal, pasta and the list goes on... :)

~We were so panicky when he first fell ill... and also the reactions from his first pneumococcal jab, high fever, hives... those sleepless nights...

~How I battled with his constipation problems for a few weeks, I was so heart pain cos everytime he tries to poo, his face will go all red and he will burst out crying...

~We first brought Jayden out to the mall at 4 wks old, his first outing was at Subang Parade. It was a good breather for mummy too after being cooped up in the house for so long... almost went crazy!

~Confinement was horrible... I secretly showered, washed my hair, splashed and not bathed myself with the herbal water, on air con heheh...

~Even up to now, when I look back at my pregnant photos, I couldn't belive Jayden was inside my tummy!!! :)

~I remembered when we first brought him home from the hospital, the cot, changing table was all set up while anticipating his arrival. BUT the day we brought him back, the room's aircon wasn't cold, &^%$# it was warm air, poor Jayden had heat rashes... and stupid mummy swaddled him some more... later we realised that, and we quickly remove everything and changed him to light clothing :p

~As a boy, Jayden's little friend below 'shot' at us so many times.... hahah Cos everytime we changed his diaper, his little friend is exposed to cold air, so his 'missile' will always attack us!

~Jayden's baptism, a special occasion for the whole family!

~Jayden celebrating his 1st Christmas, Chinese New Year, and my birthday, he was the best gift ever :)

~How I sacrificed and quit my job to be a SAHM, now looking back, I have no regrets at all!


There were many firsts for Jayden, myself and James, but overall we learned everything together, hand in hand and of cos many more to come, let's all face life together! Love u all!

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the little prince said...

Wow...time flies...BB Jayden going to turn 1!!

Very happy for you enjoy as SAHM!! :-)

Contentedmom said...

wow..Jayden is really a big boy now...and he has learnt much too...well done!

agnes said...

well done.. 2 more weeks to go!!!

Mummy Zuan said...

i realize my nazwan is the same age with your jayden,but then he is a bit slow in his development.but then since nazwan is healthy, nothing to worry right?nawzan will be 1 next 25th july,when will jayden?

2ma said...

wat will u be doing for jayden's 1st birthday?? shan rae is also a rat, but this rat doesnt bite, he only loves to throw things!!!

MeRy said...

Time flies so fast...Jayden is already a big boy now..Goin to be 1 yr old. So any plan for his 1st birthday?? Big party??

Fussy mum said...

Nice reading your post. Jayden is so lucky to have such loving daddy and mummy :)

Julie said...

Planning for a big birthday celebration for him?

Serene said...

From the pictures I can see Jayden has really grown up a lot. He is very tall at his age. Time flies.. he is going to turn 1 soon. Happy Birthday in advance!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...Jayden has grown up alot! He is quite advanced at his age compared to Gwen. I think he is going to walk real soon maybe somewhere near his 1st birthday. Gwen used to grind her teeth too..haha..yes quite annoying.

You've been doing really well, dear. Keep it up. We learn and improves along the way. Well done. :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

your jayden loves "broom broom" at the steering wheel? my korkor loves it too :)

Wonderful Life said...

well done, mummy! Jayden is so lucky to have you.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

A very touching post.

Jayden looked so cute in the 7th pic. He likes to do that ya? Hehe.

I like his smile too. So adorable.

Woww...he can sucks straw now? So fast hor.

Kristie said...

thanks all mummies for u very very sweet & kind wishes!!!!

Jayden & I are touched by ur words :)

mummy zuan, jayden turns 1 on 1st aug, dont worry dear, every baby develops at their own pace :)

2ma, jayden also loves to throw things lah, headache right!

chin nee, yup... at least that can keep him occupied for a while :)

joanne, yes i just let him suck a normal straw one day, and of cos he didnt get it at first, then i tried with a smaller straw, and he got it rightaway! :)

No BIG celebrations lah dear, just a small party with close friends and family :)

Kristie said...

Joanne, forgot to answer ur qn, yup he loves to do that on the bed :) he will wait till we see him then I will copy his actions, he will laugh hehehhe