Friday, July 3, 2009

H1N1 virus

The cases of H1N1 in Malaysia is on the rise everyday, it's as if the media reports can't wait to break the record of the previous day, it's alarming how the number of people affected with this virus just keeps increasing despite measures being taken to curb (oh not?)

I personally feel that the Health Ministry is not taking extreme measures to prevent the virus from spreading either imported from overseas or transmitted locally (recently). A traveller mentioned in The Star that he is surprised how Malaysian airports are not fully equipped with sanitizers and masks just like what he experienced in HK airport. What he saw in Malaysian airpoirt was only signs, "Thermal scanning in progress"... It really makes me irk when the aiports are called international airports and international health standards are not taken seriously!!!!! Why are these entry points in the country not taking this seriously?

Anyway, back to my life. What we have been doing recently to try and curb this disease is to try to go out lesser. We try to avoid crowded places and unless really necesarry, then we will bring Jayden out. I guess home is the safest where you have full control of hygiene. When James returns home from work, I make sure he washes his hands first before carrying Jayden. Since he is the one that is 'outside' and we are 'inside'. Any chances of us being transmitted with H1N1 will be from the outside.

Want to know what measures are you all taking to ensure your family doesn't get affected by H1N1?

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Wah more than one week never visit your blog .. solly solly.

for us, we hardly take him out and we always have hand sanitizers with us. thats about it lah. dunno what else to do. cannot be too kiasu also lar.

Esmeralda said...

Same with you, I'm really angry with how the HM did their control for the airport. Airports, esp international airports are supposed to be the first point of contact once travellers landed, and yet, some H1N1 carriers can just get off 'un-noticed'???

We too tried to limit our time of going out, but what's worrying me is the lifts here coz we are staying in a condo, so I've been praying everyday for God's protection upon us, and upon the whole residents here from this H1N1. Really scary especially with kids around. I too will ask my hubby to immediately take his shower after coming back from work, and if not, at least wash his hands with antibacterial soap too.. and limit on kisses to Ashton. That's what we can do at this moment. The rest we can just surrender to God...

dorisrlc said...

It's good to worry and take precautions. Most importantly, what esmeralda say its absolutely true, pray for god's loving care for all the children of the world to keep the heart at rest. Just trust in Jesus. Prayers changes everything & take plenty of fresh fruits and Vitamin C for better immunity as there are no vaccines yet and anti-virus jab for flu. Papa and i tried to take one and the doctor said " if there was one, I would be the first to do it!"

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Congratulations Jayden Benedict!!! May God bless you and keep you safe in His arms always :)

Kristie said...

family first, no worries, take ur time, everyone is busy doing their own stuffs :) yes, sanitising is a very good idea!

Esmeralda, like what family first said, it's good to just use hand sanitizers frequently and of cos pump up on vit C!

Thanks mummy, we are taking multi vits and vit c supplements!

thanks bryan and brandon's mama!