Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Followers element

Have you been experiencing a hard time loading your blog? I always get this message: 'Operation aborted' and my blog goes to the 'cannot display page'. I was really annoyed, but can't pinpoint what was the problem. Decided to surf the web for solutions and found that the Followers element that you can add to your blog causes this problem!

I've since removed it and my blog is now happy that it can load uninterrupted, I'm happy too.

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MommyAngel said...

Thanks for sharing Kristie. I did not face the problem with my blog but when I log into others blog, I will have this problems on and off ...... I wonder why?

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I have this same problem, too.
Uhh-ohh, do I have to remove my "followers element", too?

Serene said...

I didn't encounter this problem, but some of my blogger friend did. Thanks for sharing the tips Kristie, I will go and share with them =)

eugene said...

the funny thing is, i always have problem with one particular of notebook PC or mine but not the other at home, my PC in the office slow, but not much of a problem.

i guess that's what we call"technical glitches:

take care

2ma said...

i hv d same problem too and thot its becoz am using vista. thanks for sharing the solution! *hugz*

Mummy Zuan said...

ya..i thought the blogger team already solved the problem..i'm using mozilla,so my blog can load without being interrupted.

Kristie said...

caroline, i think it's something to do with problems with the element and IE! welcome!

Grace, yes remove it and problem solved!

Serene, u are most welcome!

yeah eugene, hopefully they will resolve this soon!

yes 2ma just remove it :)

mummyzuan, glad urs is ok!