Monday, June 1, 2009

Neno Award!

Got this award from Joanne and Mery, thanks babes! Same with Joanne, I also thought it was Nemo award at first... if she didn't mentioned it, I would really think it's Nemo, my favourite clown fish hehe!

Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:

1. Paste the Award Logo in your blog
2. Give out the award to 10 Blogs that you feels the most inspired and most friendly.
3. Make sure u back linked the recipients' blogs to your blog.
4. Inform the recipients about the award by leaving them comments on their blog
5. Give some love to the person who give you this award.

Not passing to anyone (lazy me... :p)

1 friends spoke up!:

Jessie said...

ooo... can't help to notice your parent's white and clean carpet!