Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yamaha Rhino SxS ATV vehicles Recalled

Recently, Yamaha has been facing many lawsuits in regards to its Rhino Side by Side (SxS) ATV vehicles. Riders have been injured in several occasions while riding on these vehicles when it rollovers. These all-terrain vehicles are commonly used among law enforcement, fire fighters, EMTs, U.S. Border Patrol, volunteer riding groups and many others. Even kids and teenagers these days love to get one of these for a fun day out in the hills and muds, bumping away, it's definitely a thrill for those who are really into adventure.

As it has no doors for protection, many riders have been injured really badly when the Rhino Side by Side rolls over. Riders get thrown out of the vehicle without protection and this has caused deaths too.

The reasons why this vehicle is prone to rolling over are:
  • the design of the vehicle is very narrow, thus it's not very stable
  • instead of being bottom heavy, this vehicle is top heavy, therefore centre of gravity is shifted
  • small tyres cause the vehice to be less stable

These factors cause the Rhino Side by Side to be very prone to rollovers when riders are going around sharp corners and going over terrains. You can read more about the Yamaha Rhino Rollover matters if you have been involved in accidents while riding on this vehicle or just to find out more about how you can overcome this problem. If you have been injured while riding on the Rhino Side by Side, please contact the law firm to discuss further on your legal rights.


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