Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dinner for 2

I've always loved cooking and baking, but it has been some time since I last made a mess a.k.a. have fun in the kitchen :)

Last week, I decided to whip up a nice meal for the both of us, just had the urge to cook again, missed it so much! The last time I actually cooked was during my pregnancy, of course not counting the food I have been preparing for Jayden these few months lah...

I decided to make some linguine for dinner. Hubby has always been intrigued by my cooking style. Cos when I told him I will prepare dinner and cook something nice for him, he will ask what am I cooking, and I can never tell him what it is, other than it's going to be pasta! I love to just rummage through my fridge and see whatever I have in it, take them out and as I cook, I will then just use whatever that comes to my mind... :p

I felt so good after preparing this meal... cooking is somewhat my therapy when I'm bored or just itchified to do something. I used to bake a lot last time, will bake again soon! :)

Ingredients and preparations

Linguine topped with sausages and sauce, tomatoes with baked vegetables on the side

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Rose said...

Never good at cooking pasta. Hubby is much a better cook when it comes to pasta....

MeRy said...

It looks nice n yummy. What is the red 1 on right hand side??

Sasha said...

wow thats alot of ingredients I bet the food is yummilicious!

I sew when i am sad or stress..but my sewing machine was sent in for servicing.. so now very the stresssssss cannot do anything

Fussy mum said...

wow, so many ingredients needed? That's definitely a nice and yummy looking plate of linguine.

Kristie said...

rose, everyone cooks their own specialties, what's urs?

mery, the orange ones are carrots :)

sasha thanks, yup it was so yummy! oic, now i know u sew when u are stressed... hope it gets back soon!

fussy mum, ya i love to just rummage through the fridge and take out whatever i might think i need, then as i cook, i toss it in! :) thanks.

Anney said...

I love pastas! This one looks so yummy!

HN said...

Wow, you cook very well Kristie ... Feel very good to cook for your loved one right? Hehe :)

Adrine said...

Looks good!

Lately, I've also discovered that I find baking quite therapeutic. Good way to block other thoughts and just focus on the baking steps.

Mummy Gwen said...

You are expert in cooking pasta ya. What sauce did you cook with the linguine?

Leeyen said...

wow! looks yummy, my man is good at cooking spagethi, next time i'll get him to try cooking this!

the little prince said...

I love pasta but dont know how to cook!! :-)

How you actually make that potatoes?

slavemom said...

Looks so yummy! And u used all the ingredients displayed? Incl raisins? *geng* ;)

mommy to chumsy said... are really good. the food looks like something from an italian restaurant :D

Rachel said...

You are very creative when it comes to whipping up wonderful creations in the kitchen. I am totally not imaginative when it comes to cooking...need to follow all the ingredients by the book.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Not bad ya....the dish comes out very nice and it has very attractive colour. I am sure your husband managed to sapu all.

I wonder you prepared two sauces for the linguine? One is in red colour and another one is in white?

Kristie said...

thanks anney, leeyen, mommy to chumsy

yeah HN, it feels really good esp if they enjoy them :)

adrine, cant agree more with u, i love baking too! :)

mummygwen, the sauce is something i just campur from whatever i had, if i am not wrong, this is what i did:

-fry chopped garlic with olive oil
-added siced cherry tomatoes
-added sliced italian sausages
-added seeded mustard
-added raisins
-add more water if u want more sauce
-season with crushed black pepper
wa-la! :)

yugene, i boiled them first till they are partially soft, then baked them coated with olive oil. I did the same for the vege too :)

slavemom, i didnt use all ingredients there :)

rachel, i love cooking in this style and it is a good way to use up whatever u have in the fridge!

joanne, yup he managed to eat quite a lot, i cooked quite a lot so still got leftover for dinner the next day :) there is only one sauce on top of the linguine, the orange ones are carrots :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

That is carrot? You sliced it so nicely..

Kristie said...

joanne, good tip and share a secret with you, the carrots were peeled using a peeler, that's how you get these nice curly carrots... very lovely looking and yummy to eat :)

good luck!