Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Wearing

Had a great time at the Bumps and Mums Weekend the weekend before last. I've always wanted to venture into baby wearing but never had the confidence to do it when I go out. No joke ok... not funny at all to drop baby if you wear your pouch/sling wrongly!

Anyway, I was so glad that hubby managed to accompany to the event just for an hour or so, and during that short span of time, I managed to meet CN and Rachel! Was so happy to meet them and their adorable kids. Philip was super duper cute and handsome, de bumbo boys were so adorable too... Although they were all older than Jayden, he was almost the same size as Philip and de bumbo boys were smaller than Jayden! But I guess it's normal too since they are twins, my hubby carried I'm not sure korkor or didi and he said: 'Wah! So light and nice to carry haha, won't get tired easily... :)' Philip was very cute, I carried him for a while but he wanted mummy after a while, oh well... at least I got to carry him :)

Anyway, I'm so glad I attended this event as all the baby wearing 'experts' were there hehe... CN also gave a talk on how baby wearing has helped her, so knowing one of the blogger mummies will be there to give a talk, I made an attempt to go over to support too! She was kind enough to show me how easy baby wearing actually is.

I'm glad to say that after talking to people there about BW and trying out some pouches/slings, I am now more confident of wearing Jayden when I go out. Extremely important to wear it the right way so that it will be stress free for baby and yourself.

Rachel was kind enough to loan me one of her pouches, and it was God sent, so Rachel God bless you :) I used it a lot when I was in Melaka... did so much walking, and it was quite a hassle to use strollers with all the small roads and many cars. The pouch came in so handy, Jayden was with me most of the time, cos now no joke to carry him in your arms for a long time... with his weight, you can feel the strain after a while, for both hubby and me.

Trying out the pouch from little pods and speaking to the speakers for advice

Clockwise from left:
Rachel and Philip, myself and Jayden, CN, and one of the boys
myself, Jayden, CN, her helper and de bumbo boys
Hubby with one of the boys, jayden and me
Myself, Jayden, Rachel & Philip

Goodie bag from the event!

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slavemom said...

Looks like u've gained a lot from the event. I suppose after trying it out, u'll be 'wearing' Jayden more often now?

Deana E said...

wow..nice gathering..hope there'll be something like that here in kk

Bonnie said...

Wah, nice, got nice goodies some more. Same as Deana, just wish there is some event like that here in kk. So Kristie, should start babywear Jayden. You'll love it.

Mummy Zuan said...

i 'wear' my baby since he was 1 mo..but now it is nearlyimpossible because he restless..always want to go down.. :)

nice blog u have here...will visiting you often..

Jaanvi said...

wow! seems to be a nice time out.... Ya I used to wear my son in a sling till 1 year of age and it was really comfortable especially while traveling.

Serene said...

Wah.. what a good event! Got the chance to meet blogger mommies and their babies. Nice goodies bag too!

mommy to chumsy said...

oh you managed to take so many photos. the bumbo boys are really adorable eh? they didn't want me to carry them the last time i saw them *boo hoo* i haven't met philip yet and from reading his mama's blog, i could tell he is one cute and good baby :D i like the goodie bag.

Merryn said...

ah.. nice! meeting up with some blogger friends.. i went to Smart Kid but did not see anyone i know there! hahahaha

MeRy said...

Good event and glad that u hav meet up with some blogger mommies.Nice goodies too!!

Natalia said...

I guess you're now very good in baby wearing. How heavy is Jayden now??

Leeyen said...

that's been long since my last visit here! Jayden has grown up alot! He's so cute!

little prince's mummy said...

Great outing!

agnes said...

wow.. baby wearing looks cool!!! am planning to invest 1 soon for BB2 indeed instead of getting another stroller.. haha

Wonderful Life said...

I used the sling to carry Ryan around during my HK trip for two days but then he's too heavy (about 11kg) and my back and shoulder ached like hell though my arms not stressed out! Finally I gave up and used the stroller for the rest of the trip... real tiring to carry him all the time!

And now he's 12kg and wanted to get down to roam around... so it's impossible to use the sling... :)

2ma said...

wow, looks interesting! i miss such a great event!

HN said...

How nice!!! I never try wearing a baby sling before, and hope to try on my Sophie later ... Hey, you look great Kristie :)

LittleLamb said...

Hope the sling work out well for you...

Nice meeting you, hubby n Jayden.

Kristie said...

yes slavemom, i am more confident of wearing jayden now, in fact i find it really convenient!

deana & bonnie, maybe u guys can organise something like that :) ya bonnie, i've started already, and i love it.

mummy zuan, thanks for dropping by, i am sure u enjoyed BW too!

jaanvi thanks for sharing ur experience with me.

ya serene, it was a good gathering :)

mommy to chumsy, ya the bumbo boys and philip are so darn cute!

merryn, dont worry one fine day u will bum into someone familiar!

natalia, jayden should be 9+ kg now, havent weighed for a month already :) the last time was 9.1kg. what abt daniel?

thanks leeyen, peiwun!

agnes, if u have one stroller already, then no need to get another one lor, since chloe also likes to walk around now right? a pouch will be good for u to start off bw.

doreen, ya slings come in really handy in crowded places when strollers are not easy to go through. But if u feel uncomfortable, then better not tire urself!

2ma, sure got more great events coming up!

thanks HN :) u should try!

rachel, it fits me pretty well. It was great meeting u and cute philip too!

Mummy Gwen said...

I always wanted to try using the baby sling but that time I don't know where to get one..haha..Now I know..hehe. BTW, you look great.

Kristie said...

ya lah now gwen so big already, maybe get one when u have no.2! :) thanks dear.

Wonderful said...

actually wanted to go there too, ended up back to hometown coz miss my parents hihi .. really a good event for mummy ler .. hmm.. guess when will be the next round. How do you find the pouch? Is it expensive and till when can we use it on our child?

Kristie said...

enid, where is ur hometown lah?

if there is a next round, i will post on my blog ok?

my friend kindly loaned me the pouch to use, you can check more abt it here:

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Was it a planned gathering between you, Rachel and CN?

I noticed that you and Rachel were wearing the same colour t-shirt, so ngam.