Thursday, April 2, 2009

2nd Hand stroller/buggy wanted

Recently I noticed Jayden can't sit still in his stroller for long. He would try to stand up, and squirm his way around towards the handles to look at us and try to stand up while we are moving. And this is extremely dangerous... so needless to say, everytime he does that, hubby or I will have to carry him out... the mistake we made is to get a stroller without a 5-point harness strap... which can strap him down and there is no way he can get out or stand up! The one we have only has a strap around the waist. What to do... new parents mah... we learn along the way right... just wished we could have foreseen all these earlier!

Anyway! We have been looking around for a suitable buggy or stroller and we can't seem to find a suitable one which has our preferences:

-5 point harness strap(MUST)
-easy to open and close

We are looking at better brands but they are so pricey... I heard Combi strollers are really lightweight and easy to use, but quite pricey ya? So we are thinking of getting a 2nd hand one, do help me to look out if any of your friends/relatives are selling theirs. Would appreciate any suggestions, pls email pix/info/price to

Would also appreciate any advice on what brands to look out for in terms of quality.

Thanks & cheers!

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slavemom said...

Hope u'll be able to find the stroller/buggy u want soon, at a reasonable price.
Can't offer much advice coz I've oni used ONE 'lou ya' bulky Anakku stroller for both kids (passed down from jie jie to didi).

2ma said...

the boys are using a mac laren stroller. it meets all your requirements, and i think retail price now is abt rm550-rm600.

since jayden is your 1st boy, am sure thr will be baby 2 and 3... so, paying a little more for a stroller is worth your money.

shan leo's mummy used to bring him to attend music class all by herself. and she can easily close the stroller with 1 hand, and the other hand carry shan leo. so, do check it out! if u hop to my blog, sometimes you can see the red stroller, and that's the mac laren we have been using since 4 years back and we have been traveling with that a couple of times


I made the same mistake as you ... cos me first time mom also. Now he is 2, so I dont bother with a new one.

Sasha said...

i used a korean brand "lucky baby" very cheap about rm200 bought in singapore. I used that since jayden was born right until now and he is sharing it with Justin. The thing is no matter how u strap the lil one down, if he is smart enough he can unbuckle it and run away also. The best is to discipline (not to say he is not disciplined now k...) him so that even if its not buckle he wont get down. Then we bought another one tenderly also strap at the waist only. I travelled with jayden alone in singapore. U know singapore is not so baby friendly place. Most of the time i gotto carry jayden in the stroller up and down the staircase.

Merryn said...

even if u have 5 point harness strap, if he shouts n cries n wails like crazy to get out, do u think u will leave him there n not take him out? but still, better have it then not lah kan? (i'm using anakku.. so.. no help here.. )

mommy to chumsy said...

2ma's suggestion is good :D you can also check out toysRus. sometimes they have sales on strollers.

when ashley was still a baby, my friend advised me that i have to make sure ashley sits in the stroller all the time so that she'll get used to it, even if she screams and yells :D if not, the parents will suffer later...hehehehe. I took her advice and hardly let her out of the stroller whenever we are out :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen never sit in her stroller anymore since almost 2 years old till now. Mine has no 5 point harness strap. Eventhough with the strap, Gwen sure very determine not to sit in the stroller. *sigh*

LittleLamb said...

Perhaps you can explore Baby Wearing too... :) Email me if you need to know more Baby Wearing.... in fact this Sat at Bangsar Village, some mama will be modeling there...;p

Cant comment much on strollers as I got mine from overseas

eLaiNe said...

Hi Kristie... I am using the Maclaren as well. Mine is the Techno XT that is about 1k. It is bc its for baby from Newborn onwards. There r simpler models that ranges from RM450 onwards. This brand its highly reliable.

agnes said...

guess u can check out Toycity or Parkson for cheap Combi stroller.. I used to see one with only RM599!!!

we bought our combi travel system frm US and it save us thousands!!! it was selling here for RM2299!!! omg

Anney said...

I don't have a suggestion but I hope you find one that suits Jayden's needs! Have a nice week!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Talking about stroller, we have already packed and keep it in the store room. Sarah do not need it now when we are outing, normally she will prefer to walk or we can just put her in the shopping cart. So is more easy.

Mind one also the heavy type of stroller, so is quite mafan to bring it around.

If Jayden knows how to walk now, you can save the money in buying the buggy for him.

Mummy to QiQi said...

my SIL is selling hers. just took photo, will post tomorrow but not sure if it is the kind that you want.

Kristie said...

slavemom thanks for ur help anyway! wow, u saved lots of money there :)

2ma... no lah, am not planning for no.2, 3 and so on yet... thanks for ur advice, maclaren sounds good.

family first, yup i am sure he prefers to walk/run around now!

sasha, ya but i will try my best to strap him down lah, cry a while what to do! :p

merryn, i still think it is good to have it, cos now he is trying to stand up, what if he falls out? if he is strapped down, at least w have a peace of mind that he will never fall out, cry a while lah what to do!

Kristie said...

mommy to chumsy, good tip, i agree with u too, dont take them out so easily and often.. otherwise it becomes a habit!

mummygwen, u have one strong headed girl there :)

rachel, yes i totally support baby wearing!!!!

thanks elaine for ur suggestion!

thanks agnes, i will have a look! good that u saved money by getting urs from overseas!

anney thanks :)

joanne, ya sarah now would love her freedom, good to let her run around and explore too! so if u are going out and she feels sleepy, u carry her in ur arms since u dont bring a stroller?

CN, thanks, will have a look.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, actually my main point to let her walk freely when outing is let her explore more.
Besides, my hands also cant bear her weight anymore.
Good question...Actually all this while, we will tried to plan the outing that does not clashed with her sleeping time, so is more easier for us.

Kristie said...

yes very good idea! even now, hubby and i cant carry jayden for long, arms will start aching! like carrying weights like that :)

very good planning ya... so most of the time i guess sarah will pengsan in the car seat on the way home? :)

nana said...

Hi, blogwalking here.. I think McLaren Strollers are the best in terms of weight and functionality. I brought cheap stroller for my firstborn, very heavy but cannot complain much since we could not afford McLaren that time. For a less than RM600 u can get a good McLaren and I really think it is a worthwhile investment.. just like my Baby Bjorn carrier. Have a nice day!