Friday, March 13, 2009

Win A MacBook Air!

Just last weekend, I was out with my family during our weekend shopping spree and we saw this huge digital store. As an IT man, my hubby naturally walked into it and started browsing on the latest computers, its accesories and more. He had no intention of purchasing a new computer, just wanted to check out what's 'in' :)

We saw several laptops, netbooks and desktops too, and what caught my hubby's eyes was an Apple iMac laptop. He mentioned to me that of all computers, the apple computers are the most stable in their systems, it seldom hangs when you are doing your work halfway and of course the plus point is, it's very stylish in outlook and interface. I've never owned one before but I would love to :)

What better way to own it when I can now win it in the ben behrouzi Twitter Giveaway! You can now Win A Free MacBook Air With 1 Twitter Tweet, yes it's as simple as that. I've already tweet-ed, just head on over here and follow Ben's instructions :) The new MacBook Air has more storage, better graphics and is very slim and compact. In fact, it's the world's thinnest notebook now! Oh, I want it so badly!!!!


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