Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stay Beautiful During Pregnancy

Whenever I think or look at pregnant women, I can't help but think how sexy they are! And needless to say, I definitely felt the sexiest when I was pregnant :) For those who have never been pregnant before, you would think that being bloated and fat would make you feel miserable... but for me, I felt my most beautiful self ever.

I consider myself really lucky as I did not have any complications during pregnancy, mine was a smooth sailing journey, from the starting point to the finishing line. Except for the stubborn stretchmarks and occasional leg cramps, I really had an enjoyable pregnancy.

How I wished I came to know of Beaute de Maman products before I even got pregnant. Their products might help me to even reduce the chances of getting stretchmarks! For pregnant women, whatever we eat or use on ourselves, we have to be extra careful as harmful chemicals might harm our babies. At Beaute de Maman, their products are made specially for pregnant women by a board of certified obstetricians. With only natural and herb ingredients in the products, pregnant mamas can rest assure that it's completely safe for mummy and baby. They have an extensive line of beauty products such as facial scrub, nipple gel, stretchmark cream, face and body cream and more. This is specially catered to pregnant women who have problems while going through hormonal changes in their bodies.

If you are looking for pregnancy friendly products, order now and keep looking beautiful!


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little prince's mummy said...

U pregnant again? Or just reminding back your pregnancy time?

Merryn said...

kristie.. got a tag for u..http://submerryn.blogspot.com/2009/03/6-and-6-photo-meme.html