Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo meme

Tagged by Caroline, Merryn & Charliz, thanks amigos!

Dug out my 6th folder in My pictures, and under that folder, I had subfolders, and I found this 6th picture.

This was me taken in 2004 in Singapore! Gosh I looked so young then :(

This is Hebe, my friends dog, a very cheerful dog which I adored!

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Merryn said...

2004! now 2009... 5 years dy lor.. but i still think u look da same! dat dog.. so cute!

Kristie said...

no lah... not same anymore... esp body wise hahhaa.... ya that dog is super cute :) he's smiling in the photo!

A gift from God said...

Wow...long time ago..but you still look young mah...and where is that cute dog now? :)

MommyAngel said...

Kristie, honestly I think you still look the same la + more feminine now, last time is more 'green' and now a hot sexy mommy :P Look at the pix in your previous post with Jayden, actually looks almost the same as the 'you' in this picture leh :) Young and maybe even prettier then last time :)

The doggie is so cute :)

Kristie said...

a gift from God, no lah i dont look the same lah, u see my face there, so carefree, no stress at all hahah... that doggie is in singapore :)

caroline, where got same lah??? ya i agree with u that now i look more mature lah, more motherly maybe hehehhe!