Friday, March 6, 2009

My CNY Moo2 Celebrations

OMG, it's already March! :p

Anyway, it's never too late! I want to keep these memories in my blog, so long as I can still look back next year and remember what a wonderful CNY celebration I had this year! :)

Ok, let my memory now work to the best of its abilities! More pictures, let them do the talking.

Photos taken with CNY decos

CNY Eve: Reunion dinner at my parents' place, we had yummy steamboat! Thanks papa for your wonderful slurpy-licious soup :)

More pix taken during reunion dinner. Jayden knew how to play cards! :p You know the game where u have to select a card out of a fan of cards in front of u? Jayden picked one and faced the card towards him, he knew not to show it to the person in front of him! haha... we all laughed so much!

1st day of CNY: We headed to the curve to jalan2, took pix and makan2 :) We didn't do much cos we were travelling outstation the next day, lots of packing to do!

2nd day of CNY: We travelled down to JB in the morning. We were excited yet worried about this 1st trip outstation with a baby. But Jayden proved to be an excellent traveller! :) Thank God! We stopped occasionally for all of us to stretch ourselves, more so for Jayden, cos we figured it's quite uncomfortable to be sitting inside the car seat for a long time. So we made a few stops to have something to eat and walk Jayden around :)

Does Jayden look handsome in his samfu?

Dinner with my grandparents, relatives, cousins and nephews from JB, it was all their first time meeting Jayden, he was the star of the night :)

3rd day of CNY: We stayed with our grandparents cos we wanted them to be able to spend more time with their great-grandson! Jayden really brought so much laughter and joy to their home. We also went home visiting, on a mission to collect more ang pows... of cos we also had to give more :p

4th day of CNY: Catch up with more relatives and we had more glorious foooood :)

L-R: My grandparents, me, my dad, mum & Jayden, Christian my nephew & James

5th day of CNY: The day we were heading back to KL. We had lunch at home, thanks to grandma's gourmet dishes, we filled our stomachs till full tank before we headed back home!

The rest of the CNY were spent shopping, relaxing at home and munching on all the CNY goodies hehe...

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mommy to chumsy said...

waaah..suddenly so many pics :D jayden looked very cute in the samfu.

eLaiNe said...

wow! u and ur family did have a fun felt cny with lots of people & food. great post... love it.

MeRy said...

Wouh,so many CNY pics....Jayden looks very happy.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...really a lot of pics..hehe. What a great and memorable CNY you had. :) Jayden looked handsome is the samfu.

the little prince said... sure BB Jayden excited to see 'different' relatives in such a short time frame...:-)

Long time no see...Kris, you look great n BB Jayden - so cute n big big boy already!!

Esmeralda said...

Beautiful pictures, and scrapbook too... :) You did a very good job in arranging them Kristie.. I need to learn from you.

Jayden is super-cute & handsome in his samfu... I missed that moment with Ashton. Couldn't find a nice one for him to wear, it's either to small or too big!

Jayden knows how to play cards? Wow... clever!

Lots of delicious dishes I see there... Your family really can cook ya... And my... Your mum really looks so young, just like your sister lar...!

One word to wrap things up:

LittleLamb said...

very nice pics indeed.
i like the cheery bloosom flowers in ur parents house....i just love flowers...

anyway thanks for the post..

Rachel said...

Looks like Jayden had a really wonderful CNY. Great pics, I can feel the festivities and warmth just by looking at the pics.

Kristie said...

mommy to chumsy- ya lor, was waiting for the right time where i can gather all pix together and do it nicely :) thanks!

thanks elaine, mery, mummygwen, rachel :)

yugene- yeah indeed... it was everyone's first time to see him hehehe...

esmeralda- thanks dear... ya luckily i managed to find a samfu his size... wonder if he can still wear it next year? :p u can also do ur pix this way, very easy peasy... try picasa3... yup my mum looks very young for her age!!!

rachel- yup... i love those flowers too, really had the CNY feel!

Anney said...

Lots of fun photos!Lots of yummy food too! Thanks for following my blog! I added you to my blog list and will surely visit you here always! Nice weekend to you and your family!

reanaclaire said...

thanks Kristie for being a follower.. i see that yr bloggie doesnt have one... anyway, will add u in too..

Contentedmom said...

looks really many friends and relatives to celebrate with..

Lemonjude said...

Your cny is great with lots of food and family gathering...and so for Jayden having lots of ppl to sayang and adore him...

Great pics you have for your first cny with your baby....

Kristie said...

anney- thanks dear, u are so nice, u have a good day ahead!

claire- thanks dear... mine is on the right hand side of the blog :)

contentedmom- yup still reminiscing those times... :)

judy- ya lor, really a good CNY, first with jayden and jayden's 1st :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So many nice pictures..I enjoyed looking at all of them.

Woww..seems like all the meals that you had during CNY is so nice. My mom do cooked during CNY, but not as glorious as what I have seen here.

Your grandparents are so young.

Kristie said...

thanks joanne, ya i love the photos too!

most importantly, the food tastes good :) home cooked food is still the best!

yup they are always so cheerful, maybe that is why they look young :)