Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yummy Mummy- Solids!!!!

Jayden has started solids for about a month now! I came across this article which is really interesting for mummies who are introducing their babies to semi-solids. Will update more on what Jayden has been consuming.
When your baby begins eating solid food, mealtime is sure to become an adventure. Here's help making it more enjoyable — for both you and your baby....

Stay seated. At first, you may feed your baby in an infant seat or propped on your lap. As soon as your baby can sit easily without support, use a highchair with a broad, stable base. Buckle the safety straps, and keep other children from climbing or hanging on to the highchair.

Encourage exploration. Your baby is likely to play with his or her food between bites. Although it's messy, hands-on fun helps fuel your baby's development. Place a dropcloth on the floor so you won't worry about falling food.

Introduce utensils. Offer your baby a spoon to hold while you feed him or her with another spoon. As your baby's dexterity improves, encourage your baby to dip the spoon in food and bring it to his or her mouth.

Offer a cup. Feeding your baby breast milk or formula from a cup at mealtime can help pave the way for weaning from a bottle. By age 9 months, your baby may be able to drink from a cup on his or her own.

Dish individual servings. Your baby may eat just a few teaspoons of food at a time. If you feed your baby directly from a jar or container, bacteria and saliva from the spoon can quickly spoil any leftovers. Instead, place small amounts of food in a separate dish. The same goes for finger foods. If your baby finishes the first serving, offer another.

Avoid power struggles. If your baby turns away from a certain food, don't push. Simply try again another time. And again. And again, if necessary! Repeated exposure can help ensure variety in your baby's diet.

Know when to call it quits. When your baby has had enough to eat, he or she may turn away from the spoon, lean backward, or refuse to open his or her mouth. Don't force extra bites. As long as your baby's growth is on target, you can be confident that he or she is getting enough to eat.

Enjoy your baby's sloppy tray, gooey hands and sticky face.
You're building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Ooopss!!! I did it again... :)

Info from Mayo Clinic.

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Serene said...

Thanks for sharing, Kristie. It is indeed a good article.

Julie said...

All geared up to begin the adventure with Jayden, yeah?

2ma said...

happy "mum, mum" time jayden!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Means Jayden is ok already and eating well huh. :)

slavemom said...

Jayden has started solids edi. Meal times r getting more 'interesting'. :)

Merryn said...

interesting facts there kristie... so much more fun ahead now that jayden is taking solids! happy feeding! :)

Kristie said...

welcome mummies!

ya mealtimes are fun when the lil' one sit down, be a good boy and eat!