Thursday, February 26, 2009

Search Your Passion

Many of my friends around my age are still single, don't ask me why! Sometimes I also wonder why are they still single while I'm already married and have a child of my own? Is it because they are fussy in looking for their partners or they just love their single carefree lives? Or they are afraid of the 'M' committment word? Actually most of them told me that they are in no rush, some of them wants to focus on their career, and some of them can't imagine themselves tied down in a relationship to just one person haha! They prefer to go on dates every now and then, meet different people, no strings attached, have fun and just chill. Well, I guess everyone is different when it comes to dating and love.

Well, as a good friend of theirs, there is no harm recommending them to new friends, expand their social network and know more people. At passion search, you get to know anybody you would like to, you can search through their database, it's now the fastest growing dating website! You can also chat instantly with your newfound friend, they have a 100% free live video chat and you can also message each other. At, they also offer dating services and organise swingers parties.

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