Thursday, February 19, 2009

Precious lil' ones

I've always wanted a collection of Jayden's hand and feet sculptures. And today, out of the blue, I received a flyer in my mailbox about this service from Twinkle Toes. It is indeed nice to have something like this as a memorable keepsake. I know mummies who have done this before, cos they want to remember their precious lil' hands and feet forever...

It's a little pricey... so let me discuss this with my hubby first... :)

Has anyone done this before?

Photo from Twinkle Toes.

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Lemonjude said...

Worth to make for keep sake..I got friend even keep their hair first time being cut and make into chinese calligraphy brush.

little prince's mummy said...

I think I saw something similar but also pricey!~

Mummy Gwen said... cute la the hands and feet hehe. We bought one DIY for handprints that can be framed as well. Haven't got time to do it on Gwen yet. Of course very cheap one la.:P

2ma said...

nice but expensive! had wanted to do for both the boys, but no one supported me on the idea. hemce it was scrap off. so, am spending the money on a photo shoot instead *hehe*

agnes said...

yes, I did that when chloe is 2 mth plus... according to them, the smallest the hands & feet... the cuter it would be.

we received the flyer from twinkle toes as well & found it EXPENSIVE!!!

I have done mine for RM300 only.. you may check out my posts below:-
The making process
2) Final Result

alternatively, you can visit The Baby Loft and arrange appointment with them to do it @ Desa Water Park, Kepong. :)

good luck!!!

huisia said...

worth to try, maybe you can consider it.

Sasha said...

i wanted to do for Jayden and JUstin but I called up one of the company and they replied saying that they're too busy . :S then i tot .. ah forget it. But its good tomake one and keep

agnes said...

guess it's easier to reply ur questions here.

well, it's good to do it earlier.. AS SOON AS possible coz they are more cooperative that time since dont move much!!! since they dont know what is happening u see..

it would be HARDER and HARDER to do when the kid grow older since they know how to express their feeling adi.. which they will feel 'scare' & reluctant to do.. or either close all their fingers where it can't show EACH finger nicely & clearly(get what i mean).

i do it when chloe is 2.5 mths.. still naive and dunno what is happening.. that's why it was the GREAT PERIOD to do.. not more than 3 months!!! 1 week after born is even BETTER or most do on full moon.

you can either choose gold or silver. we think gold looks better... and it was so PERFECT that chloe open up her palm and managed to show each her lil finger clearly..

as for the frame, they got a few options too.. ;)

agnes said...

btw, direct TBL link is here


Its cute when they are young & stuff, but nope, wont spend the money on this. Pictures are better.

maxi said...

that is so cute. i'd probably do that when i will be having my own baby. i wonder how much it might cost me. but never mind... i will surely get one of this for my future baby. thanks for the info.

by the way, can we exchange links so i can keep track of your posts? thanks

christine said...

i did this for LF because everyone told me it was worth it... and it definitely is because i'll never get his toes and hands that size ever again. i got it from little prints (