Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poor baby...

Remember a few days ago when Jayden wasn't feeling too well? Well, initially I thought he was teething cos he showed many of the symptoms such as drooling a lot, chomping on everything- fingers, toes, toys etc..., sucking his lips and more. Anyway his fever did go down after I gave him Parmol, and did not come back. But, he was so fussy the last few nights... waking up so many times and disturbing both our beauty sleep :( :( :( When mummy & daddy are so tired, we also need some time to go and attend to him when he cries at night. His appetite also decreased significantly, but other than that, he was playful as normal, just didn't want to drink his milk. Anyway, we brought him to see the paed the day before just to see if there is anything wrong. Paed said nothing major going on, but maybe it is some viral infection, might develop a sore throat cos I told him that Jayden has phlegm, slight fever and runny nose. Anyway, he prescribed a medication for Jayden, in case of a sore throat, cough or flu. Today, he still has lots of phlegm, and it seems to be more obvious today. He coughs and I can hear his phlegm when he is drinking milk/water, it seems to be stuck in between his nose and throat. Poor baby, still doesn't know how to cough it out, otherwise he will feel more comfortable.

And recently, I've stopped giving him his rice cereal cos I am not sure if it might cos more phlegm? This is the 1st time Jayden has fallen ill... really heartache.

I would like to ask you mummies, when your baby has phlegm, what do you give them to relief them of it? I've heard that some mummies give their children the EYS Bo Ying Compound and it works wonders. Any other suggestions?


Christine just shared with me that the Hou Ning Powder also works well to reduce phlegm, I'm happy that it works for her cute boy, Lyan Fung. Thanks dear.

Extracted from EYS website:

Actions: Traditionally used for relieving cough and to reduce phlegm.

Ingredients: Capra Hircus L. Bezoar 100%

Use: To be taken 2 times daily with warm water; after breakfast and before bedtime.

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Mummy Gwen said...

I never gave Gwen the EYS Bo Ying Compound when she had her first cold and cough around Jayden's age too. She had a lot of phlegm too which was caused by her runny nose and poor baby sometimes vomitted the phlegm out several times especially in the morning when she woke up.

I actually sucked the mucus out from her nose using my mouth to ease the congestion...hehe..pretty yucky huh. Also used the sterimar nasal spray on her.

If the compound works, no harm giving it a try. Really hope Jayden get well soon. I know how tired you and your hubby are. Hang in there ok.

nicole said...

i very support EYS Bo Ying Compound coz it works!!

Jacelyn is my 2nd baby, i got a lil bit experience to facing this. Everytime i bring her go out, no matter what, i sure let her have a bit EYS Bo Ying Compound . It will prevent her get sick easy (going out very easy get sick de)

Baby if sick, especially running nose & phelgm, sure difficult to drink milk, then as mum, will very heart pain if meet this situation

I normally let them consume medicine tat Dr give. and also follow a chinese method :

u go to buy these 2 things:
1) water chestnut (ma tai)
2) jellyfish (normally i buy from a van which selling "luk luk")

then add a lil bit water to boil them (coz jellyfish will come out water, mayb melt become water )then serve ur baby.

these 2 things can help reduce phelgm. Just have a try, no harm de!

mommy to chumsy said...

i also haven't tried the Bo Ying compound though I heard it's good for strengthening the immune system. When ashley has phlegm or mucus, normally her paed would give some meds to reduce them. It works for her. Of course when she was younger, she vomitted each time the phlegm get stucked at the throat :( Speedy recover to your baby. You take care too, mommy.

Esmeralda said...

So sorry to hear about poor Jayden...

I've not used Bo Ying compound on Ashton, but I did help him to suck out his mucus using the 'straw-like' apparatus that his paed gave us, together with the Sterimar Salt Water Spray. I know it's very cruel to him, but it's for his own good. Spray his nostrils with the spray till very watery, then using the appratus (or if you don't have, u have to use your mouth) suck the phelgm out quickly. Do this with one nostril first, then the other. Of coz Jayden will cry tremendously, but u need to help him remove the mucus otherwise if prolonged might lead to asthma. I'm not scaring you, but this is wat Ashton's paed told us...

kiLikiNa said...

kristie! the medicine that paed gave lyan fung also didn't work for his phelgm. so, i followed my MIL's advice and went to eu yan sang to get hua ning powder (RM138) per bottle which you feed twice... once morning, once night. after that, continue with bo ying tan (RM 38). just go to eu yan sang and they will advice you accordingly. lyan fung is much better now after taking the hua ning powder which is really expensive! but, as long as he gets well.

christine said...

sorry... it's spelled hou ning powder.

Serene said...

Kristie, I didn't try this EYS Bo Ying Compound for Xixi before, also wondering how it works. A friend of mine told me this works very very well on her baby. But I just don't want my girl to be too rely on all these supplements.

All the while if Xixi sick, I just let her take the medicine that Paed pescribed. So far the med works well on her. Thanks God.. And most importantly, more more water!

I hope Jayden get well soon! Take good care too Kristie, handling a sick baby really a tiring job. I can understand..

little prince's mummy said...

Get well speedy, little jayden

Mummy to QiQi said...

i m feeding my boys the Pou Ying Tan occasionally too.But the shop promoter told me their Hou Zhu Chao works best for phlegm (no stock i think).

HN said...

I am sorry for not be able to help much in this matter. The medical system here in Netherlands does not promote medication. Therefore, we usually use a tool to suck out his phlegm and only paracetamol for other sickness. The doctors here promotes self recovery to build up the child's immune system from young.

Kadus_Mama said...

:( I hope your son is feeling much better now..
I have no suggestion too as i only give whatever meds dr. gave to my kids..

Merryn said...

ew.. mummy gwen.. why not use the suction thingy? why use mouth?

anyways, i dun believe in chinese medication for babies as young as jayden lor.. so i'll go to the paed instead..

hope jayden will be much better...

Kristie said...

mummygwen- this shows a mother's true love for their child ya, i have heard mummies sucking the mucus out using their mouth too. I think it works much better than the nasal aspirator ya? :)

nicole- thanks dear for ur advice. For the bo ying compound, how much do u give ur girl each time? wow i have never heard of the jellyfish and water chestnut recipe, thanks for sharing!

mommy to chumsy- thanks, yeah i feel so kesian for jayden, cos we know how to clear our throat, but baby dont know.. hai!

esmeralda- huh???? really long term will cause asthma??? omg... thanks dear, i will monitor him closely.

christine- thanks... yup have heard many mummies who have tried this and it works well for their babies! i am glad it works well for lyan fung too. thanks for the sound advice!

serene- ya true also not to let bb rely too much on these medications. I also try not to give many foreign stuffs if possible.

peiwun- thanks

CN- thanks dear, i have never heard of Hou Zhu Cao. Maybe I will check it out when i pass by EYS.

HN- i think it is very good system in netherlands. Relying too much on medication is not good for baby too :)

kadus mama- thanks, as long as the med works, then good lah!

merryn- thanks for ur advice too. ya there is always a debate btw western and chinese medicine!

slavemom said...

My kids hv nvr tried the chn med mentioned above but I hv tried the Hou Ning powder. It did help to reduce my phlegm.
Hope Jayden's fully recovered by now.

Lemonjude said...

Poh Ying Tan did help to realised a bit when baby have fever, cold or cough. But to me, Terry is not so ok with that. Only mild sickness is ok to go with it, if it is already carry on 2-3 days.. cannot already..

At J's age I not ever give my boy any chinese med..but it still is ok for you to go on I always think chinese med is always better than western one..

you see when ur baby cough, flu, phlegm, the paed sure give you the same set of med...your next visit if the sickness still there, they wil give you the same set again, or mayb top up another phlegm med if the previous one not strong enough...i have tired of seeing those med...when baby have those common sickness, sometime i just directly buy from the paed clinic.

Do remember this (may b not apply to Jayden yet). If you ever let him took chinese med - any...EYS those too, don't let him eat fish on meal. It will break up or decompose the power of chinese med to work on our body...

Hou Ning I not yet try for my boy, anyway if your baby ok with any of that just stick to it.

Another chineses med formula also can clear phelgm is call Hou Zhou San. It is stone grind into powder form and mix with qun pui. There are many ready mix hou zhou san in bottle...but for baby better not get those, as they are many other herbs added in...

agnes said...

oh well.. I tried Hou Ning powder for chloe also last time.. so far it works the best for her though it was a bit pricey.. you may also refer my previous post here

besides, another way is to use nerbulizer.. it works quite well esp if wheezing a lot due to the phlegm.. nerbulizer post here

Kristie said...

slavemom- thanks, ya i think these 2 products are popular for removing phlegm for kids.

judy- thanks so much for ur sound advice dear. Yeah, actually for me it doesn't matter whether it is western or chinese med, as long as it works. But right now, I will try not to introduce to many foreign stuffs to his body system, still so 'raw'. Thanks for all ur recommendations, I will keep in mind!

agnes- thanks for sharing with me ur past posts. Yes, I've heard of the neubalizer too. I doubt Jayden will sit still also...!

Esmeralda said...

Yes Kristie.. better be safe than sorry... So how's Jayden feeling now? Better? Did u use anything to relieve his mucus?

Kristie said...

hi esmeralda, i never gave jayden any other meds except the one that paed prescribed. I also used the nasal aspirator to suck out a bit of mucus... jayden was screaming like crazy!!! aiyoh! :p

thanks for ur concern dear.

Stacey Lim said...

Hi Kristie, my god your kid look so cute!
Anyway, sorry to hear that your kid is having a bad cough. I just to share with you my experience, I did try the "Bao ying tan" before, but its usually before the cough becomes bad then I start using it. Coz I think Chinese Medicine takes a very long time to cure although is effective. Anyway, I recommend you to try the below receipt:
Coz 川貝 & 雪梨 is good for cough.
I tried it before, my kids drink for a week & their cough got better. You can check with the Chinese Medicine shop as well. Hope it helps.

Kristie said...

thanks soooo much stacey :)

ur twin girls also super adorable!

thanks for ur advice ya.