Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I just got lucky :)

Thanks to Bonnie and her New Year Giveaway contest, I was so lucky to win something! I just received the special package a few days back. It consists of a cloth menstrual pad and one bar of Cold Crafted Natural Soap from Mia Bambina. I've never tried a cloth menstrual pad in my life before, so this will be something new for me to try! The soap I chose is the Aloe , Calendula and hemp seed (Extra Gentle) soap, it is made with uniquely soothing ingredients like organic Aloe Vera, Calendula, Green Tea and Vitamin E rich Hemp Seed oil. It is the best option for babies and children with dry skin, as it is rich with vitamin E, as Jayden has pretty dry skin, I hope this will work well for him :)

Thanks Bonnie again for your kind generosity! :)

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Mummy Gwen said...

Nice giveaway set from Bonnie. It sure was yr lucky day..hehe. I never won any giveaway contest b4.

Serene said...

Lucky girl! The gift is nice.. How i hope I won it.. hahaha

Bonnie said...

Thanks for posting it up dear.. Hope you like them.. :)

Deana E said...

i have yet to try the soap..don't even have time to do online shopping now..hehe

Kristie said...

mummy gwen, don't worry, this year will be an ox-picious year for u :)

serene , gd luck to u ya!

bonnie, thanks sooo much again, i love them.

deana e- i've not tried it yet, but it smells yummy!

MeRy said... are a lucky gal.

Kristie said...

thanks mery.... i hope got more good luck to come heheh! hugs for ryan :)