Saturday, February 14, 2009

Google Kristie's needs

Thanks to Joanne dear for this unique tag! Got to read a while to understand what I had to do hehe...

The way it works is you type your name in Google and then needs i.e (Kristie needs), and see what comes up!

When I type Kristie, some of the search found Kristy instead, so I'm using most that are the closest!

Here's mine:

Kristie Needs Our Help
-oh yes, if I can get additional help for free, why not? :)

Kristie needs olives with pictures, videos, personal blog
-haha... yes i do love olives but i don't need any pictures, i need the real olives! ha!

Kristie needs a few seconds
-alamak... how do u know I need more time???? 24 hrs per day is not enough...

Kristie needs to know exactly
-not really... I can be spontaneous too...

Kristie needs to take a long look at herself
-If I am not where I am now, I think I might have to take a long look at myself. But from where I am now, I am really contented with what I have, with Jayden added to my life, what more can I ask for? :)

Will tag the following peeps!
Merryn, Umma, Cookie, mumsgather, sharman, Judy, Slavery Bliss, Yugene, mummy gwen.

9 friends spoke up!:

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for completed the tag.
I also took some time to understand the instructions.

Mummy Gwen said...

Thank you so much for the tag. :)

huisia said...

What a special tag there.Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you.

Kristie said...

joanne- welcome, i had fun!

mummygwen- u are most welcome!

huisia- thanks dear.

slavemom said...

Thx for the tag. Wonder wat Google think I'll need. :)

Kristie said...

looking forward to urs slavemom! :)

mumsgather said...

Thanks for the tag Kristie. You know its getting real hard to keep track of tags and awards. With effect from today, I will save them in my favourites folder so that I can remember where to find them when I have time to do them. Lol!

Kristie said...

haha mumsgather, no pressure at all ok... just have fun with them! :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

haven been doing tag for such a long long energy left after a whole day long with the kids, hahaha!