Saturday, January 31, 2009

We are back!

Just got back from JB yesterday evening. Was away for 4d 3n, but it seemed much longer! We had a real fruitful trip, spending time with grandparents, relatives, eating non-stop (hehe :p), visiting relatives, giving and collecting ang pows... Jayden's ang pow collection this year wasn't so bad! Will try to open a Maybank a/c for him maybe on Monday. Still trying to get back to routine... today was spent at home... still recovering from trip to JB. Just relaxing at home with Jayden and hubby, ate simple things like instant noodles at home too... so scared of eating all the restaurant dishes for the last few days i.e. fish, chicken, seafood etc etc...! Was doing the laundry accummulated over the last few days, unpacking our stuffs... Will get back to our normal routine soon.

Will post pix and more of our CNY soon, in the meantime have a good weekend everyone! Relax & be merry!

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nicole said...

welcome back.
wow... going to open Maybank Yippee a/c for Jayden?
I have 1 for Jessica already, will open for Jacelyn a new a/c in Maybank Yippee a/c too.
dont forget ask for the coin box frm Maybank , dear~

Lemonjude said...

Holiday and gathering with families forever is not enough ya..hehe...I'm sure everyone gain weight on this CNY with good food and more rest.

Thats a good start for having a kid's a/c for Jayden. He must be excited ppl keep stuffing him the red packets.

LittleLamb said...

Welcome back.
Waiting to see your CNY pictures..

Merryn said...

hi hi.. welcome back.. we all need a holiday AFTER a holiday to get back to routine.. :)

mommy to chumsy said...

welcome back :D i'm still in the cny mood ;)

Kristie said...

nicole- ya already opened an account for Jayden :) yup got the coin box too!

judy- yup great gathering with family members... hardly get to catch up with everyone once all goes back to their normal routines! yes, jayden was so clever to grab the ang pow hehe...

rachel- sure, will do it soon!

merryn- haha.. then it is never ending ya? :p

mommy to chumsy- haha... yes many ppl still in CNY mood...