Thursday, December 18, 2008

Search it Your Way

Ever dreamt of having your very own personalised homepage to greet you? A homepage which also doubles up as a search engine to answer all your doubts and queries? Look no further! Shiny Search is a new search engine which enables you to customize your very own search engine homepage.

When you log into Shiny Search for the very first time, you will be greeted with a page requesting you to select your favourite style & enter your name to create your custom search homepage!

The styles are divided into 7 categories: Guys, Girly, Kids, Christian, Gothic, Other & Fun logos! There’s a bunch of designs to choose from, from girly pink rainbows to Hello Kitty, from Gothic devil to Christmas designs! Have fun selecting your very own style, a style which only says ‘You’ and no one else. After selecting a style, type in your name and click ‘Create Custom Search Homepage’! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a unique page to your liking and the best part, your name is on the screen as well! I've created mine as you can see below and had tons of fun!

Once you’ve created your personalized search engine homepage, don’t forget to set it as your real homepage! Now you can start searching videos, images, news and so much more! It's your turn now, log onto Shiny Search!


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