Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quality Photo Printing @ eoe Online

These days in this modern era, all photos are captured using digital cameras unlike before, where films are used and photos are printed out. I have many favourite photos in my computer right now and what I need to do is to actually print them out and store them in beautiful albums for all to admire! So, I've actually read from a friend's blog that there is an online photo printing store which is made in Malaysia- eoe Online.

Eoe Online offers a wide array of services such as photo printing services, sales of the latest digital cameras in the market, comparison of cameras, photo competitions and so much more!

To share the joys of Christmas with everyone, eoe Online is having several activities such as contests, sales and more. Also, you can now print quality 4R and 5R photos at just RM0.30 and RM0.50 each respectively! So go on, browse through your photos and get them printed out soon! Free delivery for orders above Rm35.This will save you money and time, and the best part, all these can be done with just a click of the mouse!

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