Friday, July 4, 2008

Met up with Jessie & Brayden!

Was really happy to meet up with jessie on tuesday (1/7)... she and her hubby and in laws love to drive down from singapore to go to genting for casino, shopping and just enjoy the cool air... and she loves to shop at pyramid too... so good lah since pyramid is so near my place, we met up there after i finished work! she looks great, and her baobei brayden has grown so fast!!! Brayden is now 2 yrs 2 mths... around 26 mths, and he is so cute!!! first time i saw him at the playground, i couldnt resist and went to cuddle him and hugged him rightaway! jessie was so worried, ey pregnant better not carry hhehhehe... the last time i saw him was last year, he has definitely grown a lot :)
actually we thought we couldnt meet up this time round cos normally their trips are quite rushed, so she actually couriered jayden's stuffs down from genting to me, but then who knows, the day i received the package, i managed to meet them, even better, cos i bought a set of clothing from hallmark babies for brayden as well!
although we only get to meet a few times a year, i am really glad we met up for just half an hr, but it seemed really great! hope to meet up with u soon again ya!!!
and thanks for the gifts for jayden, he will love it :)
jessie & me

me, brayden and jessie!

package from jessie

jayden, see aunty jessie buy u nice clothes, mittens & booties :)

tomorrow's my next check up with my gynae... cant wait :) will update latest hopefully by this weekend... and yipee weekend is here! i can sleep again... like a pig zzzzzzzzzz

pregnancy week by week

4 friends spoke up!:

Serene said...

Wow.. bb Jayden got new clothes again.. so good! Kristie, i love to go Genting also leh.. but too far from my home-JHB.

kristie said...

serene, try and come up once a year lor hehehe

i stay in kl also hardly go up....hehhheeh

ya jayden is so lucky, so many friends and relatives buy clothes and things for him!

My Lil' Monster said...

Jayden, haven't come out oledi so many pressie. Lucky Boy.

Kris, how is your last trimester? Can't wait to pop out right.

kristie said...

hey violet!

yup cant wait to see bb jayden now, the excitement is really climaxing for both me and my husband!