Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daily Blogger Award

Honoured to receive an award from Serene just a few days ago! Not easy to receive award one ok... dont play play hahhahaha....

i hope to, and try to blog daily :) i promise!

i want to extend this special award to fellow bloggers: Liwen, Sy, Melissa, Mery, Joanne, Muisim, Christine! Try to update ur blog daily!!! :p

6 friends spoke up!:

Ping said...

Hello Kristie,

I also got award you this 'Daily Blogger'. You can get this award at y blog under title 'award' :)

kristie said...

yenping, i dont see my name wor... :)

anyway thanks!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Kristie for the award. Feeling pai seh to accept it, coz I am not a Daily Blogger.
Anyway, wil try my best to update my blog more frequent.

kristie said...

hahah no worries joanne, i actually give this award to those who actually blog pretty often or i know needs more time to blog! :)

u are welcome, jia you :)

kiLikiNa said...

thank you for the award. i will try to update my blog daily even though it's difficult with little one to take up my time.

kristie said...

hi kilikina, how should i add u? :)

are u christine from love nest?

u are most welcome, do try ur best to blog, i always look forward to it! :)