Sunday, May 18, 2008

week 29 / Baby shower

A romper we bought for baby... so cute huh, daddy's allstar! he's going to look so cute in it :)

mummy is now @ week 29 of her pregnancy, very fast man, time passes so quickly, soon i will miss all the movements baby is making inside me :) he is responding very well to my voice and also james's voice... i love to sing to him and see my stomach popping up and down @ different parts :) just feeling him inside calms me and ensures all is ok...

went for my 3rd antenatal class yesterday and it was pretty enlightening, we toured the labour wards which was on level 4, the whole floor is just catered for mums delivering babies... they have 12 wards altogether, which means at any one time, the hospital can deliver 12 babies one shot...

there were abt 5 couples, including us, so we were all so anxious, cos all 1st time mums mah... when i went into one of the labour suites, it suddenly dawned on my that it is not that big after all! it was quite personalised actually, not like the ones u watch in the movies whereby it is so big and there are so many nurses and staff running around... the room was nice and clean... got tv to watch astro too hehehhe :) i will definitely bring my own music player to play my own cds... music can help me with my mood and anxiety, hopefully.

anyway talking abt the class, after the tour, i felt pretty relieved actually knowing where i will be actually going through labour, seeing is believing... they showed us the delivery bed and what will go through the whole delivery process...

after the tour, we went back to the room for our classes, they showed us a video of a woman's actual labour and it was so touching... and the midwife went on to teach us breathing techniques which is very very important for all of us during labour... they taught us breathing tech. for 3 purposes:

1. when contraction starts and u are in pain- you take a breath in once, and breathe out 3 times, 1st short, 2nd longer, 3rd longest. repeat as long as you have pain.

2. Pant- this is during last stage of labour when u are pushing... when doctor said stop pushing... then u pant... drop ur jaw and breathe out... this will stop u from further pushing when the strong pushing urge is there. and u can't control the urge sometimes!

3. lastly when u are pushing for baby to come out, u should push when contractions come as well. When u feel a contraction come, take a deep breath, put ur chin down to lock the air in ur diaphragm, and push all the way for as long as u can hold ur breath. as the birth canal is not straight, it is actually a curve all the way before baby is out through the vagina. the pushing should be long, not short and short pushes will not help baby come down birth canal quickly...

the midwife actually asked all of us to practise it and for contractions, she asked all our partners to sit behind us for support and pinch our arms, all the women just close our eyes and relax... so we wouldnt know when the pinch (contraction) would come, each time the midwife signals for the husbands to pinch, the minute we women experience pain, we quickly use the breathing technique... guess all the husbands were quite happy to do that hehehe... it will be our turn to take revenge on them soon! pinch until my arm red :(

anyway husbands play an extremely important role during labour and and the midwife taught them what they should do and what not to do as well. i really hope i can remember all these breathing techniques... and james has to remember all these as well, cos on that day when the actual labour starts, i will high chance forget everything and james will have to guide me along!

Ok, we will be having a baby shower party this sat, 24/5, basically it is not very common over here in asia, it is more to help the parents prepare for a new addition into the family. Prepared a wishlist for guests to buy baby stuffs and also catered makan, and organising games, should be fun :) wished u girls were here! will take more photos to post here once baby shower is over!

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