Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Baby Shower- 24/5

hi guys!

we had our baby shower just last saturday at my home... it was so much fun :) we had lots of food, catered from a malay woman, there were nasi bryani, ayam merah, mutton rendang, mee siam, ayam kapitan, seri muka kueh and many other stuffs, i also bought a secret recipe chocolate banana cake for dessert, everyone loved it! there were also games played @ the party such as baby word scramble, who is fastest in sucking a popsicle, guess the girth (mummy's stomach circumference), transferring cotton balls from one bowl to another blind folded, dont say the word Baby! everyone was having fun and it was the first time for many of them attending a baby shower party.... hahhaha... so funny....

after that we had karaoke also, sang all night long....

friends & relatives were all so kind, many presents and ang pows! :) :) :) :)

we are also very grateful to my parents, janice, nicholas, kenneth, kim and my darling for helping to prepare this party... muuuuuuaaks!

james & i are really happy to share this joy with all our closed love ones, just a pity some of u couldnt make it, we will be having fullmoon for baby when he is one month old, i hope u guys will be able to here then! Miss ya all.....

mummy & i

my darling and i

chen, me and mummy

my baobei so happy with baby inside me hhahhha

chen, mummy, me & corinne

college friends: matt, me, nat, soohui, suzhen & max

darling & me

chen & me

the cake!

me, kenneth & kim


my precious sis

playing the cotton ball games... so funny... cos the balls are so light...

singing the night away!

all the lovely generous presents :) i am sure baby will love them!

2 friends spoke up!:

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Your mommy look so young and beutiful. No wonder you said that, people said that you both are like sisters.

kristie said...

ya joanne, now u believe me ya? :)

always when 2 of us go out, ppl say all 3 look like sisters hehhehe....

i will let her know u said she looks young, she will float in the sky for a while hhahahah

anyway she is used to this compliments lah :) thanks!