Friday, May 23, 2008

For my baby

For you my darling,

Finally We’ll Meet

I love you, little baby
You're such a part of me.
Can't wait to hold you in my arms,
And hug you tenderly.
No matter what you look like,
You're beautiful, my love,
A precious gift bequeathed to me,
From heaven far above.
Each time I feel you moving,
My heart is filled with joy,
To think that very soon I'll hold
My little boy,
I'm counting every moment,
Til you're mine at last, my sweet
It won't be long until your birth,
Then finally we'll meet.

2 friends spoke up!:

Therese Marie Khor said...

These words are so touching. How i wish i was Jayden :)

kristie said...

ya thanks :) i am sure u 2 precious gals feel the same way for u too!