Monday, April 7, 2008

mummy happy = baby happy!

we've been making short trips near here recently to malacca and port dickson just to unwind and destress... not easy being pregnant u know! sometimes fatigue just attacks me and i just want to drop my head on my office table and sleep.... zzzzzzzzz and also it was a nice getaway for both of us, to relight the fire! :) mummy happy= baby happy! taking these few months while i can still travel to squeeze short trips here and there, won't be so easy once baby is out!

been watching many documentaries about babies and i just can't wait to see our little baby and cuddle him in our arms and shower him with tons of love! there'll definitely be ups and downs, and i am sure the support we have for each other will pull us through all difficulties!

tomorrow will be my 6th month!, oh my God!!! another milestone in my pregnancy :) so far so good, next month will be my 3rd trimester, omg things are moving so quickly!

will be going to bali on the 21st april, can't wait for that!

photos taken @ malacca and port dickson, lovely places to unwind and relax :)

2 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

WOW!!! i can "see" little james in ur stomach! seem big.. u also put on weight liao!

really have to enjoy while u can before little james is out. well, that would be another form of enjoyment when he is out of coz. hhahahaaa

u look so blessed la! so happy!

kristie said...

hi dear!

yeah definitely put on a lot of weight man, have put on almost 13kg now!!! but must be careful not to put on too much otherwise the extra weight gain will be hard to shed once i give birth...........

yeah realy enjoyed walking around in my bikini with my big stomach sticking out :) only get to do it when i'm pregnant, so shine with style! :)