Saturday, April 26, 2008

mummy's growing belly

pregnancy week by week

quick update: just returned from bali late last night, awesome trip.... will be posting pics up very soon!!! :) muaks, miss u guys.

this morning, we went for our routine check up with dr. fong at sjmc and all's good! I'm glad i didnt put on too much weight like the last few check ups... well i guess all the making effort to eat healthy did pay off.... :) i'm now having breakfast at home every day, james has to wake up early to prep breakie for me, so sweet huh.... healthy ones with lots of veggies, healthy carbs and tons of nutrients! Dr. fong said baby is growing very well, in the right position, and looks tall (cos both of us are tall yeah!) and he said: congratulations on entering ur 3rd trimester, another milestone in my pregnancy! from now on, monthly check ups will be switched to fortnightly...and as my due date approaches, weekly check ups will be next! oh my... i am really getting the jitters soon, was talking to james earlier that when i actually pack the hospital bag, i will really start panicking! anyway i'll enjoy the pregnancy for now :) everything has been awesome, eating well, minus the occasional mood swings, leg cramps and back aches... well it all comes in a package! love u baby, go on moving around, mummy loves ur kicks! :)

2 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

OMG!!!! so BIG liao! 91 days to go!! 3 more mths! omg omg.. so fast!!!! i wan to feel bb in u leh... i'm already damn excited let alone U, MUMMY!
SY... quick be mummy too!!!
when r u GOING KL?????

kristie said...

ya man... i am really so anxious now, day by day i am getting closer...and soon i will see our baby! hahaha if u are with me now, u can put ur hand on my tummy and u can feel a bump on ur palm every now and then! :) anyway baby says hi to all his aunties!