Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's a BOY!

went for my check up today and it's the day we've been waiting for!!! The scan could tell the gender of the! James and i were talking to the baby last night to open the legs wide tomorrow so we can see ur gender hehehe.... and true enough, baby cooperated during the scanning this morning! when we were scanning, baby's legs kept opening and closing for the whole wide world to see (good boy!), hands and legs moving around wildly! and the lady who did the scanning said, so do you want to know the gender of the baby? and we said, YES!!! hehehe... we've been waiting for this day for so long man... so she went closer to the genitals area and wa-la... she said it's a boy!!! according to the scan, there was something potruding out between the legs hhaha... in fact, it is easier to tell the gender from a male to a female, cos male got something sticking out mah, girls just flat one!

i'm so happy guys, James is a happy daddy too, now he's got company for soccer days and nights! my mum and janice went with me for the scan also this morning, aunty janice actually heard the baby's heartbeat and saw the baby through ultrasound for the 1st time!

so all the kicking and punching is from a boy, we know now, and omg, he's a very active boy!

guys, any idea on baby boy names? :) just tossing ideas! thanks!!!

"Mom finds it pleasant if I gently tap my feet against her abdomen, so that's what I do."
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22 Weeks Pregnant

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Liwen said...

ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YES!!!!!!! remember i told u i guess its a BOY!! its really a BOY!!! omg omg.. i can't wait to see little JAMES!!!

damnnnn exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

kristie said...

ya man... been so excited after knowing the gender...been shopping for nice little clothings for baby :)

I'm really so happy!

≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈ said...

omg kristie i just came to know about ur pregnancy!!! it's really good news!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! ok la a bit late but it doesn't matter rite?!?!?! my sis' about 5 months too and we've been shopping like crazy for little baby items. and hers is a gal. weeee!!!

say hi to ur little handsome prince!!
take good care a'ite!!! *hugz*

kristie said...

hey dear PX,

thanks a bunch! this little miracle inside me is really special, something I've never felt before, thanks for your wishes! Blessing to your sis too :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, finally got kakis to watch soccer now!! :p

Daddy said...

Yeah, finally got kakis to watch soccer now!! :p

kristie said...

very funny darling :)

i'm still over the moon with our baby!