Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby's 1st hard kick/punch!

oh my god!!!! I can't believe it, last night as I was about to go to sleep around midnight, i was lying down on my bed getting comfortable to go to bed and as usual, i always put my hand on my tummy to just feel for any movements and just rub it! And the next minute I know, I felt a kick or punch below my palm!!! It was the weirdest yet the MOST amazing experience ever! When I felt it at first, I was both shocked and bursting with joy and enthusiasm at the same time!!!! I quickly told James what happened and he put his ears to my tummy, so I spoke to baby again and said...move baby and let daddy hear you... and there came another kick/punch!!! oh my god, we both just stared each other in amazement and surprise!!! we were both so happy at the first close emotional bonding we had together as a family. I thank God everyday for this miraculous joy inside me :) as the weeks go by, the movements will be more obvious, am so looking forward :)

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Stephanie said...

Cute blog! Love the baby post!