Monday, December 24, 2007

what can i say?

as u can see from my picture above... i am in a good mood! since my last post... definitely many things have happened... and now i am on a xmas break, applied my leave to just enjoy LIFE :)

liwen just went back to singapore yesterday... was down with a few friends from singapore... so definitely as a good host... I met them up for meals to go makan...look for good food which they crave for and can't find back home! they definitely had lots to eat... and after days of shopping and eating, they went back with big smiles on their faces!!!

will be having our family xmas dinner tonight, ordered a turkey with roast veggies and potatoes...oh.... i cant wait!!! hope to take some photos so i can post them up here :) many more xmas dinners to come with colleagues and college friends.... had one yesterday with pohlin and max, was great! and tomorrow will be xmas morning, we will be opening all our presents under the xmas tree, yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

OH YES... definitely had a GREAT time there!!!! i miss my hokkien mee! hahaha.... we'll be there soon again.. right sy??

kristie said...

hahhahaha if u miss hokkien mee, sy will miss it even more lah! :) miss u gals sooooooooooooooo much