Thursday, August 23, 2007


hey ladies and bloggie,

i know i know... it's been ages since i last updated :p

well since i came back from singapore after sy's's been work work and more work lah...hai....... anyway i am so happy to see sy's wedding photos! finally! u looked gorgeous my dear :)

recently just came back from another wedding in jakarta, was a short trip, but a really good short getaway :) left on friday, came back on sunday. short and sweet, couldnt asked for more, was so happy for my dearest friend mel! she too looked gorgeous during her big day, started in the morning at church followed by a garden wedding from late afternoon till evening, very romantic and cosy. was a really good treat for me, angie and joni :) did a little shopping whenever i could, cos most of the time we were being taken from one place to another... but we really enjoyed ourselves to the max!

and the day before on 21/8 was my sis's birthday, we had one of the best cheesecake ever, by secret recipe...damn sinful but damn good tooo........

well this week is the school holiday, so most managers are all on leave, so very quiet in the office hehehhe... good for all of us kuci rats... :)

here are some pics to capture the events!

brothers & sisters @ sy & dj's wedding :)

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