Saturday, July 14, 2007

we had the time of our lives!!!

070707 was a BLAST!!!!!!!! awesome awesome awesome (clap clap clap clap!!!) is all I can say :) we really enjoyed ourselves sooo much on sy's wedding! photos are a must to capture the memories so ta-da! here they are, enjoy the memories :)

managed to make time while I was in singapore to visit my in laws :) was so happy to see all of them! papa was happy to see me too, introduced me to relatives i've never seen before heheheh... and of course it was carys's fullmoon party!!! she was so cute god... i carried her in my arms and just cradled her...oooohhhh.... cant wait cant wait! :)

these are photos taken recently at daorae, a korean bbq restaurant. had dinner there with the family :) photos action!

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