Saturday, May 5, 2007

life life

hi guys and bloggie,

it's been more than a month now! i know...yeah yeah cobwebs :p

i really tried to make an effort to update... u know we all must try right :) ok here goes...

past one month has been really busy at work for me, going back late, latest so far was around 10pm... wah...some of u will say. but i've accepted the job, so might as well accept the fate that comes with it, along the way i learned lots of new stuffs, so that is the best part for me. sometimes i cant always complain and ponder on the 'negative' stuffs. have to think positive to pull myself through! been working 2 months at the star already. i'm happy there in the sense that i find myself learning new things and it's pretty challenging. first appraisal was ok, 2nd one should be next week cos my boss went on a long leave so... just hope no further rubbish... otherwise i cannot tahan and will speak my mind, like it or not, just too bad. i cant be a pretty flower that's always smiling and nodding yes yes to everyone just to be in good books, i hate boot lickers, and will never be one... so like it or not, i am going to be myself. doesnt mean people who hangs around and indulges in gossips are considered 'sociable'!!! makes me sick to the stomach. well u guys know office politics right..cannot avoid, just try not to get involved lah!

yeah and work aside, been shopping lor...bought many pairs of shoes over the past few weeks, have 4 new pairs now which are still inside its boxes...gotta stop buying shoes for a while now :p clothes mmm... i bought 2 skirts yesterday! i've been wearing less pants these past few months due to the yeast infection problem that i had before...try not to wear anything tight, it irritates the crotch area...hai.... so sad. gave away my jeans to my mum, she was elated! hahahhaha so wear skirts lor, nicer also cos i feel girly, confident and dressy at the same time so good lah :) bought bags as well... u know lah the usual girls' stuffs hheheh :)

and touching on another topic... had a big quarrel with my neighbour just the day before...with a neighbour i have never sad right...hai... anyway it all started with james's parking his car just outside the person's house, not in front of the gate...u know houses face each other and there's a road in between, so many people have at least 3-4 cars per household, so it is natural that people park their cars at the roadsides, not obstructing traffic though. and that day, james came home and saw a paper stuck on his car windscreen, it read: "please park your car at another place" it was stuck with glue on the windscreen, how stupid right? so when james saw it and told me, i was really angry, so i took the note and went to confront the neighbour nicely.. i asked the old man:

do u recognise this note? he said yes
are u the one that pasted this note of our car windscreen? he said yes (arrogantly)
then i told him: dont u have the courtesy to come over to our house, ring our doorbell and inform us politely instead of sticking this note on our car windscreen?
and he said: how i know this car belongs to who? (that is a stupid answer cos he knows)
and then he continued: u parked ur car outside my house what! (still very proud and rude)

that was when i blew my top....... I SHOUTED AT HIM AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE!

if he was nice, i would have talked to him nicely. he was arrogant and snobbish, and he talked stupid, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. i started yelling at him and calling him unreasonable and rude. all our neighbours also came out to see what happened. luckily his wife came out to be the mediator, she was very nice, and me and james told her it was not her fault. she kept apologising for her husband who was a coward, he didnt even stepped out of the house. his wife came to our car and asked her maid to quickly wash our car windscreen, saying sorry sorry all the way, i really pity her, nice woman married to a useless scoundrel. and next another man came out to join the 'conversation', it was their son. i thought ok good, at least a grown up man like him would apologise on behalf of the father and keep things cool, but he came over and blew things up further...

son said: my father has parked at this spot for many years already!
james said: this is a public road! whoever comes back first, can park there, as long as we are not blocking ur gate!
son said: u know what? actually this road cannot park cars one, i can call the police, get a tow truck to pull ur car away and the police will issue you a summon...
j & k: go on, call the police!!!! everybody here will get summons and it is all because of u, including ur father's car! stupid right??????

son continued yelling and saying stupid things just like the father, very rudely!
j & k: where are your manners sir? u are a grown up and u are setting a bad example for ur children! (his kids and wife were outside the gate as well)

take note that i still referred to him as sir... i didnt want to use any vulgar language as it will be too despicable and we are nice people actually, only when we meet unreasonable people like that, no choice have to raise our voices.

at least now they know that we are no pushovers, we stood up for ourselves. so now whoever comes back first, parks there. no further questions, we are not going to give in as well. as long as we are not blocking ur gate....just shut the hell up!

i felt really good after the big hoo-ha cos i never scolded someone for long time hahhahahah... but that night after things simmered down and i was taking a shower...i thought to myself: i feel really bad... why must things turn out this way? imagine we are all neighbours and now there's tension in between and we can never look at each other in the eye anymore.... hai sad right, but what to do???

ok enough of that, i am all fired up again just talking abt that... anyway weekend is good, relaxing today and tomorrow, just wished it wasnt so hot... next sunday is mother's day so we will head down to melaka where the circus is now to celebrate the occasion together! :)

3 friends spoke up!:

sharman said...

hahahaha fiery kristie!

but im wondering why u never just park in front ur gate, or on yr side of the house???

the reason of the arguement was good tho...he deserved it i guess

kristie said...

yes we do sometimes when the spaces opposite are taken...but most of the time if there are spaces opposite, we will park the extra cars there lah, easier what in the morning to go out for cars parked in the house!!!

Liwen said...

but i'm just thinking.. when u park opposite.. isn't it blocking the car from coming out from the house opposite of u? and some ppl really have "chopped" their place.. esp when they park the space for long.. it happen here also.. but the way they behave is really.... low class la...

u r behaving good man! if i'm there with u... omg.. cannot and dun want to imagine also. hahahaha