Saturday, February 10, 2007

loved my morning!

yesterday pohlin called me out of the blue to ask me what i was doing and all i was in a pretty gloomy mood and what's more I was home alone, so I thought ok I will join u for mamak! I already had dinner, but since when I'm upset, I always tend to use food as a reliever, it always make me feel better somehow hehhe...dangerous right... anyway we went out to mamak, she had a cheese naan, i had nasi lemak, the fried chicken was pretty good. Ended up having 2 ice limaus... glad she called cos I could have gone berserk at home all alone!

anyway after that we still wanted to chitchat and bitch abt this and that, so we headed to coffee bean, i had a cinnamon ice blended, not too bad but I guess the craving is not there already for coffee bean or starbucks, maybe their standard dropped a bit, maybe it was just my foul mood. I also ordered a mississippi marshmallow cake covered with dark chocolate...mmmmm nice....

and because james went down to jb yesterday, he only came back like 4am, so pohlin stayed over with me, we talked and talked all night abt almost everything...guys..relationships, work, lifestyle etc etc... and this morning we went to the gym together! it is always to have a buddy buddy system, cos somehow u can urge each other to go together, and it is more fun lor. So we went this morning to fitness first, she is a member there whereas I am a member of celebrity fitness, so anyway she had 3 free passes, so I joined her foc! hehehe... and after working out at the normal equipments and all that, we joined the latin salsa class! quite fun hehehehe :)

tonight i've got to attend a relative's wedding at legend hotel in kl, so tata...muuuuaaaks!

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