Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Holiday

went to watch this movie yesterday since it's been some time since I last watched a movie in a proper cinema!!! not mentioning dvds at home...

The Holiday was good, i really liked it. It was a good twist of a romantic comedy, it makes u cry & laugh, and a person like me who is so emotionally attached to a movie, cries easily heheheh :) I loved the dialogues between iris and arthur, the 90 year old man. Very touching conversations and touching scenes, felt so happy watching this movie.

The idea of switching homes for a vacation sounds good too, wonder who's home can I go to for a holiday? The person must be single, and lives alone, that would be perfect, not with parents or grandparents, there is no privacy there then!

The relationship between amanda and graham was more of a sponteneous relationship but later turned serious, quite a nice twist as well. For those who are thinking of catching this show, go on with ur valentine :) love ya muuuuuuakkkkss

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