Thursday, February 15, 2007

good day

just came back from the gym abt an hour ago... took a nice shower and had some of kaj's pasta, really good! he made it for valentine's day dinner yesterday for janice, sooooo sweet hor :)

by the time i went to the gym today, i just missed the fun step class, so i worked out at the machines for a while and joined belly dancing! it was fun, my first time actually at my gym cos i never happen to make it, the music was really nice, indian beat with lots of rhythm! I must tell you it is not easy man.... the instructor kept saying u have to separate ur upper body and lower very easy right heheheh... ya but after some time u get the hang of it, but I need lots of practise! hehehee i must say it was enjoyable! anyway, after that was coyote dance, so we all danced somewhat like pussycat dolls...very seductive and sexy dance moves...a lot of touching ourselves all over our body! i thoroughly enjoyed myself :)

i will search for belly dancing videos at youtube and see if i can see any good ones to post here ok... i tried tonight but it takes damn long to load!!! no bloody patience...

ok anyway valentine's day yesterday was good! we did our favourite thing together, EAT! haahhha... we went to atrim cafe at sunway pyramid towers for a sumptuous array of different cuisines!!! i had so much to eat till my tummy ached a little cos i think i reached my 'limit' hehehhe, but it was damn worth it for buffet, and after that we went to play pool, james was super good last night, very accurate, and on the other hand, i played terrible, dont know what happened to me!!! was damn pissed...must admit i am a sore loser hehehhe :p

tomorrow is friday, be heading to gym as usual for aerobics and after that get ready for sat morning, will be driving down to JB for cny!!!!

GONG XI FA CAI everybody, this year i have to give ang pow already :(

for the singles, collect more ang pows!

2 friends spoke up!:

Fann said...

wowowoowowo I also want to dance leh....I missed our old days fitness class in singapore leh...come back lah ...

kristie said...

ya that was fun hor...heheheh dancing the wrong steps and laughing at each other hehheheh hahahahhahahah :p

u come here lah and join me hehehehhehe :)