Friday, January 19, 2007

last day at INSBio

today was my last day...yeah but funny enough, I do feel a little sad boss was really nice, he wasnt able to come to the office today, so we spoke over the phone for a long time, business cum casual conversation and he said that his doors are always open for me if I need a job anytime, so sweet right? what a fantastic boss but a pity the job scopes just dont fit...hai!!!!!!

anyway today was busy busy as a bee... had more things to do than usual, and also handing over my stuff to another colleague. Felt a little sad leaving my desk heheheh... well officially on holiday starting tomorrow till I start another job, a pity cos I was already in the momentum of busy busy...waking up early!!! anyway, i got 2 calls today for interviews next week, so I will go and hear out what the jobs are about and what they can offer me!

muaks love ya guys :)

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