Sunday, January 28, 2007

interviews & social gatherings!

Well recently I've been really busy with interviews and social gatherings, had quite an eventful week actually! it has been about a week since I last updated my blog… thought it was longer than that! Hehehhe better update now, otherwise people will marah me very soon! :p

Went for a few interviews these past week or so since I finished working at INSBio, well must say most of them went on pretty smoothly, most of them were 2nd or final interviews, so far so good! The most recent one actually left with me with quite a memorable experience! I was in KL yesterday morning for a 2nd interview at cosmopoint, an IT institute offering all sorts of IT courses, applied for the copywriter position. So when it was my turn to be interviewed by the president/founder, after the interview, he asked me to go through a test, which I thought was fair enough right? Anyway, he told me a previous candidate for the same position also was asked to do the test but before she even started in front of the computer, she left the office!!! Said she couldn’t do it, OMG!!!!! So the boss told me luckily he asked her to go through the test, cos the resume and testimonials were very impressive looking hehe… blessing in disguise huh! Anyway thank god I went through the test alright, didn’t really have much difficulties lah, basically to make sure I could construct proper sentences, grammar and vocab!

But I am still eyeing on the job at the star, the leading English newspaper in Malaysia. It is for the marketing services promotions exec, I am really hoping to get this job as I want to work in the media!!! This would be a really good start for me! Lots of writing as well, press releases, speeches etc, at least this is what I was told in the 1st interview. Anyway I’ll be going for the 2nd interview next Tuesday!!!! I really hope I can get this job…cross my fingers………….. wish me luck again gals!!!!

Ok finished abt the interviews and jobs etc… well yesterday was a very eventful and fulfilling day cos I met up with my college friends for dinner, shopping… it was really nice, we went to the latest shopping mall in KL, called the curve, really modern and so many things to see!!! They had really nice PINK cherry blossoms all around the mall for the cny deco, so pretty and fairytale like! Wonderful feeling just to be walking amongst all these, we had dinner in one restaurant called Dragon-I, was very nice food, but a pity the portions were small so we had to order more, so a little pricey lor hehe… we ordere fried eel, bbq pork ribs, la mian with minced pork and spicy sauce, their famous xiao long bao, and so much more!!! After dinner, we went to a place called heaven, luckily not hell haha… it is a café, very nice place with singers entertaining the customers, very nice cosy atmosphere to just lounge around with ur friends! After some drinks, it was also soo hui’s birthday so we went to karaoke after that @ redbox! When we reached there, it was around 12am already, so we sang till 4am, was so tired by then, voice also so sexy heheheheh…
Anyway had a really fun night with you guys! Happy birthday soohui! Muaks!

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