Saturday, December 30, 2006

my memorable birthday- day

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Happy birthday to me hehehhe...

we just came back from the buffet dinner that i was sooooo looking forward to! we had a real blast, ate sooo much till i had to go toilet and deposit some 'cash' and then can continue :p the dinner was excellent and of course apart from the food, the company was excellent as well. could not have asked for more :) of course i wish my best friends were there with me!

anyway i had some personal yet very meaningful gifts this year, i love all of them very much :)

here are the photos for your guys to share this happy day with me! and yeah i am officially 26! hehehe...

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1 friends spoke up!:

Liwen said...

officially 26! wow!!!!!

glad u enjoy ur b'day.. of coz.. with sy and me around will make it PERFECT!!

update us on ur first day at work!