Sunday, December 10, 2006


oh all i can say is...awesome awesome...the trip was marvellous!!!!!! both of us enjoyed ourselves to the max man!!!! we planned our days in phuket and bangkok day by day so there were no dull moments...every single minute was filled with fun moments together! :)

just managed to update you girls as i was so tired! arrived very late on friday night, almost 3am, slept almost 4am... up to now i am still unpacking, did soooo much shopping! hahahha... ok here is a brief update of my trip!

we arrived at phuket on 30/11, almost evening, met an american girl in the plane, sat beside me, so we chatted for a while and in the end, we shared a cab together to patong beach, where our hotels were. Nice girl, her name was Lara, yup as in Lara Croft hehehe... anyway her bf is korean but they are both working in malaysia, so good to keep in touch! so we parted ways when we reached our individual hotels, checked in and freshen up and headed straight out to explore phuket! we did a little shopping on the 1st night, and our target was to savour all our favourite thai food dishes! we spotted a small cosy restaurant serving both western and thai food at reasonably priced food so we went in and ordered a few dishes to satisfy our hungry tummies! the food was excellent, so authentic! :)

after makan, we went jalan jalan, breathing in the sights and smells of phuket...the night was still young, girls coming out to start looking out for 'business', businessmen busy calling out customers, pubs and bars opened for farangs (angmohs) to spend money hehhehe...

the next day, we went to patong beach for suntanning... it was great, the weather was great, we swam in the beach for a while, played in the water, sand and then we came on shore to enjoy the sun, drank and ate at the same time, just enjoying the serenity of life at that moment! there were people coming along every few minutes selling drinks and finger food...selling sarongs, handicrafts, clothes so it was a pretty sight amidst the blue skies and blue waters and light brown sand... of course the unpretty sights were fat fat women in bikinis hahahah... that was a sight never to forget!!! :p but everyone was enjoying themselves, so what the heck anyway? nobody knew anybody in a foreign land! that was the best part right :) after that, i decided to go hunt for someone doing hair braiding and finally did it! the ladies spent almost 2 hours braiding my hair!

we spent most of the day out at the beach, just relaxing with each other. after the sun went down, we decided to go back, take a good shower and hit town again! we were so tan by then hehehheheh... nice bikini lines :) did a little more shopping and decided to have japanese food, our favourite too! (what else is not our favourites anyway?:p) ordered so much food, finished every single drop of food and off we went jalan jalan again, i swore we have never walked so much in our lives, but that is the best way to see a place, to walk and walk, we walked everywhere we could, instead of taking cabs of tuktuks. and that night we thought it would be nice to go somewhere, book a package where we go out of phuket to some islands for a day! so we booked a day tour to phi phi island!

the next day, we were picked up around 8am from the hotel, and we went to the pier where a cruise boat took us to the islands! we stopped at maya bay first for some snorkelling! i was so excited, when the boat stopped, i quickly took out my clothes, put on my snorkelling mask and jumped into the water!!! oh my god, it was my first time snorkelling, and it was beautiful down there...below the surface of waters were thousands of rainbow coloured fishes swimming around you, beside you!!! there were so many corals as well, it was my 1st time snorkelling so i was awed by everything under the sea!!! it is a pity i couldnt take photos of what i saw underwater, it was beautiful, something i will never forget!!! the package was really worth it, included the pick up from the hotel, lunch, water and fruits on board the boat, different islands, different sights and van to bring you all the way back to the hotel! we made 2 new friends on the tour as well, ilaria from italy and marc from switzerland. nice couple, they have been travelling around thailand too! we took lots of photos together and later after the tour, we went back to our individual hotels and took a rest after such a long day of fun out at the sun... we met again for dinner, had thai food! after dinner, we went to a pub, played some pool and had some drinks. after that we went our separate ways, cos the next day we were leaving phuket for bangkok!

we arrived in bangkok on 3/12, arrived around 11pm at manhattan hotel, was quite a good hotel, centrally located in sukhumvit. oh ya, another thing, we booked all our hotels air tickets and hotels online, so we had no freakin idea how the hotel and the rooms looked like! but it was all goood..... the hotels we stayed were all quite ok :) by the time we arrived and checked in, we were quite tired and hungry, so we just left our luggages in the room, and we went out to look for food!

next few days were spent shopping, shopping! so fun man, we walked and walked, and also took the skytrain, something like mrt, so very convenient to go to all the major shopping areas! we went to Ma boon krong, MBK where it is a major multi storeyed shopping centre, selling all the clothings, electronical goods all under one roof! we spent the whole day there as well, not even finishing every single floor of stalls and shops! we also went to suan lum night bazaar where there are thousand of stalls, and lined up row by row, only opened from 6pm onwards, so it was a good place to shop, outdoor and cool. yes and we did more shopping and massages! heheheh...

on 5/12 was the king's birthday, and in thailand, the king is very well loved and respected by all thais, they wear yellow t-shirts to celebrate his majesty's birthday, yellow symbolises the king. so the whole day, everywhere we turned was yellow, yellow! we decided to take a break from shopping for 1/2 day and took a cruise along chao praya river, and headed for some sight seeing, we visited the happy buddha, and the boat was so full! all with yellow people going to pray and celebrate the king's birthday! it was quite an eye opener to be amongst the thais, a once in a year event. i would love to go to thailand again for the songkran festival, it happens around april yearly, where they splash water at everyone on the streets!!! it is also called the water festival, it is the thai new year. must save more money first hehehe...

the whole trip was full of makan makan , shopping and massages, i never enjoyed thai massage so well... james loves the foot massage, while i prefer the thai massage, where they massage your whole body, from your feet right up to your head! the girl that massaged me was damn gooood, small sized but full of strength! wonder where all the strength come from? janice says maybe it comes from the determination of earning money hehehe...

we left bangkok on 8/12, i was so sad to leave bkk...8 days in thailand, but it seemed much longer... :)

well i will let you enjoy the pictures then, no amount of words can let me express how we enjoyed our honeymoon, enjoy the pictures gals! love ya :)

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Liwen said...

awesome awesome AWESOME indeed!!!!! i wanna to go there as well!!!!!!

btw friend.. suddenly i remembered this promise that u made.. SINGAPORE THIS YEAR? another less than 2 weeks to 2007 already..

so when am i expecting u darling? haha

kristie said...

sorry dont think i can go to singapore!!! I AM REALLY SORRY :(

by the way, if we have a chance next time, we should go together to phuket, you will love it :)