Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas wishes do come true

well believe it or not...i actually made a wish to myself a few days ago that I hope I will get a job soon, preferably before christmas, at least it will be my own christmas present from God, I even told it to James playfully... well looks like my wish really came true :)

I have decided to start working for this company INS bioscience, the opportunity that the Executive Director is giving me is worth the try, after much discussions with James :) I also feel that this job is going to open a lot of new windows of opportunities for me, cross my fingers, wish me luck!

and also giving it a lot of thought the last few days, I was thinking actually I am pretty lucky, cos towards the year end, actually very few interviews are being conducted already, everyone is on 'holiday mood'! So when I went for this interview, I was hoping I will get the job, never did I expect I will get an attractive offer on the spot! I will be starting this job n 3/1/07, a brand new year, a brand new job, yeah!

So next time when you ask yourself: What I want for Christmas? You better wish something you really wish for :)

By the way, I will be heading down to JB tomorrow (24/12) yeah christmas eve! We are planning a christmas dinner in my home at kebun teh, with my parents, grandma and relatives. I cant wait for it, long time since we really had a family gathering!

Anyway a very very very merry merry christmas to my dearest ones :) MUuuuuuuaks!

3 friends spoke up!:

Fann said...

i also got my xmas wish too!! I got a new job with much much more benefit than my current one..yeah let's cheer together!

Liwen said...

so happy for u both!!! and i also hope i can find a better one next yr!!!! Merry Christmas my dearest!!!

kristie said...


double happiness!!! congrats sy! when are u starting ur new job?

wen i wish u all the best, with ur qualifications, sure no problem one :)

love you both so much, merry christmas to my best friends, muaks muaks muuuuuuaaaaks!