Saturday, November 25, 2006

Santa Claus is coming to TOWN!

yeah! Christmas is exactly a month away!!! I am sure you have been going out to view the different decos offered by different shopping malls... just gives me a warm feeling inside me each time i see christmas trees and their glowing lights... so comforting! So we at home also made our own christmas tree! hehehheh it was fun, i cant remember when it was the last time i actually decorated my very own xmas tree from scratch! there were all kinds of deco stuffs: silver, gold, red, pink balls, spine cones, lovely ribbons, little gift boxes in gold and silver! tree was rounded up by strings of beads and lights!

oh my god, when we finally finished, we off all the lights, and we switched on the xmas tree with its glowing lights...the feeling was lovely!!! everyone just went...awwwwwwww.........soooo nice!

I still wont know where I will be during christmas, maybe JB with my parents or here in KL! Anyway i am very thursday i am going to phuket!!! yeah for my little honeymoon trip with my darling :) we have booked all the air tickets from air asia and the hotel bookings, cant afford to go there and then look for one as it is peak season!!! we plan to fly from kl-phuket, stay there around 3-4 days, then fly to bangkok! there we will stay longer and then come back to kl! oooohhhhh i cant wait!!! all the glorious food, the massages, the beach, the sun tan, the hair braiding, the manicure, pedicure by the beach, the shopping!!! i cant wait man... see a new me when I am back hahahhaha, james is so excited about the massages hahahha... definitely he will need one after hours of shopping! hahahhah

By the way james and i have also applied for a few jobs here, wish us luck :)

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thanks mate! :) hope everything is great at home, love to ivan and nigel!